Polymer Stone Columns

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Benefits of Polymer Stone Columns:

  • Highly Durable Polyester Resins
  • Weigh 50% Less Than Standard Stone Columns
  • Class A Fire Rating
  • American Made
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Polymer Stone Columns



  • Are your columns load bearing?
  • Our WORTHINGTON Stone™, WORTHINGTON Cast™, WORTHINGTON FRP™, Aluminum as well as our wide array of wood columns, are all load bearing as long as they are not split.

  • How are the columns shipped?
  • The columns ship with a qualified freight carrier company. Depending on the size of capitals and bases we may use FedEx.

  • Can I trim my columns to a shorter height?
  • Yes. If the column is non-tapered, you may trim to any specific height. Each column must be trimmed from the bottom of the shaft.

  • If my columns are split, what type of adhesive do I need to reassemble them?
  • To reassemble a split Worthington Column, a polyurethane construction adhesive should be used. This product can be found at any hardware or construction-supply provider. For our wood columns, any waterproof wood glue should be used.

  • If my columns are split, are they still load bearing?
  • Split columns are used for visual purposes only (aluminum is the exception). Once the column is cut vertically, it is no longer load-bearing.

  • How do I secure a split column to a wooden or metal post?
  • Depending on your application, there are several ways to hold a column in place when used for decoration purposes only. One of the most common ways to hold a column in place is to use standard L brackets on the bottom and top of the column’s shaft. The Tuscan Base and Capital hide this method of installation. If being assembled around a wooden post, a common way to secure the column is by using wood shims. The shims should fit snugly between the column shaft and the post for proper stability.