Polymer Stone

Benefits of Polymer Stone Columns:

  • Highly Durable Polyester Resins
  • Weigh 50% Less Than Standard Stone Columns
  • Class A Fire Rating
  • American Made


Round Tapered Polymer Stone Columns

Round Tapered Polymer Stone Columns
Our WorthingtonStone™ polymer stone columns are a unique product in the stone porch column industry. Manufactured from a composition of highly durable polyester resins, these polymer stone columns have the look and feel of real cast stone but they weigh approximately 50% less than standard stone columns. This weight reduction is achieved by manufacturing our polymer stone columns in a rotary cast mold which allows them to have a hollow core. Swipe/Scroll right to see available styles.

Square Non-Tapered Polymer Stone Columns

The square WorthingtonStone™ is available to complement our round tapered or non-tapered polymer stone columns. The availability of the square columns incorporate the spun cast manufacturing as our fiberglass columns but have an additional pigment to give it color and finished texture look to look and feel like stone. This process is a very lightweight alternative to real cast stone and still is strong enough to hold up to 20,000 lbs each. Plain square column and pilaster options are available and can be color matched.

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Q:-   Are your columns load bearing?

A:-  Our WORTHINGTON Stone™, WORTHINGTON Cast™, WORTHINGTON FRP™, Aluminum as well as our wide array of wood columns, are all load bearing as long as they are not split.

Q:-  How are the columns shipped?

A:-  The columns ship with a qualified freight carrier company. Depending on the size of capitals and bases we may use FedEx.

Q:-  Can I trim my columns to a shorter height?

A:-  Yes. If the column is non-tapered, you may trim to any specific height. Each column must be trimmed from the bottom of the shaft.

Q:-  If my columns are split, what type of adhesive do I need to reassemble them?

A:- To reassemble a split Worthington Column, a polyurethane construction adhesive should be used. This product can be found at any hardware or construction-supply provider. For our wood columns, any waterproof wood glue should be used.