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Town Series Entrance System

First impressions are lasting. Create a dramatic impact for exterior entryways with Worthington’s richly detailed pediments. Interior passageways can also be enhanced with such a feature. These pediments are molded of durable, high-density polyurethane and come in many styles and sizes to fit your entryway. Worthington Town Entrance Systems are low cost reproductions of colonial millwork that will enhance the most basic house. Worthington molds the crossheads and pediments as one complete unit that saves installation time and eliminates the opportunity for water seepage. Worthington has several different pilaster styles and sizes to choose from to meet your needs. The pilasters butt to the bottom of the crosshead and can be adjusted to varying jamb conditions as well as height requirements.




Available in heights ranging from 89 3/4″ – 144″


Available in a 90″ height & 120″ height.


Available in a 90″ height & 120″ height.

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