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Your Complete Guide to Column Capitals

The use of structural columns dates back to the ancient Greeks who were ahead of their time architecturally. They created three different kinds of columns: Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian. The ancient Greeks used columns to add additional strength to their buildings while preserving beauty. They took pride in adding great amounts of detail into each and every capital and column built. The use of columns have stood the test of time and are still very popular to this day.

There's no doubt you've seen plenty of buildings featuring beautiful columns. Columns are multi-functional when it comes to their purpose. Typically, they serve as crucial support for roofs, beams, or arches, but they can also be non-load bearing as well and just purely decorative. Columns are most notably known for the character they so often bring to the building they are attached too. Columns are composed of three main parts: column, base, and capital.

What Exactly is a Column Capital?

A column capital is the top piece of the column. It is the part of the column that directly bears the load of the structure it supports. Capitals typically have a great deal of intricate design on their capitals that compliment not only the column but the rest of the building. The capital comes as a separate piece and then is attached upon installation of the column, between the shaft and the structure it is meant to support.

What Are the Benefits of a Column Capital?

Column capitals are an important component of the column itself. The first and most obvious benefit is the decorative aspect. Capitals add a visual appeal to the column and the building it is attached too. The sky is the limit when it comes to the designs and details that can be etched into the capital. Enhanced character and visual appeal on any building will increase its value which means a higher resale value should you ever decide to put it on the market.

The second, more discreet benefit of a column capital is that it adds additional strength to the column. The capital provides a larger surface area for the beam, arch, or roof to rest upon. This larger surface area provides a higher degree of stability to the building as a whole.

Selecting Your Column Capital

You've decided you want to incorporate columns into your home or business. Where do you start? Worthington Millwork offers a free Column Builder Tool that makes it easy to choose your column, capital, and base from start to finish from our wide selection. Choose your material, color, size, capital design, base design, and shaft. Worthington Millwork will then send a free, no obligation estimate. When you're ready, simply place your order and your columns, capitals, and bases will be shipped to your door.

If you would like custom capitals, Worthington Millwork can accommodate your needs! If you wish for the capitals to be made out of fiberglass or polyurethane, a previous capital will need to be submitted in order to make an accurate mold. If you would like the capitals to be constructed out of PVC, then you will need to submit a detailed drawing of how the capital should look.

Quality Capitals That Only Look Like a Million Bucks

When you order your column capitals from Worthington Millwork it will only look like you paid a million bucks for your columns. Worthington Millwork is dedicated to delivering structural products made of only the highest quality materials at an affordable price. Available products include columns, balustrades, moulding, pergolas, and more. The team prides itself in offering American made products to their clients and supporting the American economy. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you with your architectural structure needs!