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Why to Avoid Shopping for Millwork at Big-box Supply Stores

If you're like most Americans, you probably buy most of your household and outdoor products at big-box supply stores. Also known as superstores or supercenters, big-box supply stores are large retail establishments that are usually part of a chain. These national chains are known for attracting customers by offering low prices. However, their products don't always have the highest quality. When it comes to millwork products or building supplies, it's not a good idea to shop at a supercenter or big-box supply store. Here are some of the reasons to avoid shopping at big-box supply stores for millwork products, along with a few considerations and warnings.

Homogenized Products

Although big-box supply stores are convenient, their millwork products typically don't have the character and individual charm that a millwork supply store offers. If you're looking for custom millwork, you won't find it at a big-box supply store. Fortunately, a millwork supply store offers custom work for your special projects. They can create items that you can't find at a supercenter store. Moreover, they often provide pre-finishing services so that your custom-made products can be installed immediately after buying them, so they don't need any more finishing touches.

A Lack of Industry Specialists

One of the main reasons to avoid buying building supplies at big-box supply stores is because you probably won't find millwork experts to assist you. But at a millwork supply store, building supply specialists can help you find just what you need as well as answers your questions and give you ideas. What's more, these millwork professionals know the products that work best and can advise you on the latest building trends.

A Lack of Craftsmanship

Millwork products purchased at big-box supply stores aren't as high quality as those you can find at a millwork supply store. But when you buy building materials from a millwork supply store, you can be sure you're getting outstanding craftsmanship, meaning your products are more durable and last longer.

Less Selection

In most cases, big-box supply stores don't offer the huge selection of building products that millwork supply stores do. Even if do find a lot of options, sometimes it can still be hard to find a specific item that fits your special needs. This is never a problem for millwork supply stores as they can easily custom make whatever you need.

Imported Products

Consider how big-box supply stores often depend on products made in other countries for stocking their shelves. After they've sold these products, they return their profits to the headquarters abroad. In other words, when buying millwork from a big-box supply store, you may not be supporting an American industry.

More "Wear 'n Tear" on Products

Customers at chain stores are known for sorting through stacks of merchandise in search of what they need. As a result, the items can suffer from rough treatment. This does not occur at our online millwork supply store because they get the TLC they need when they aren't handled and picked over by customers.

Other Considerations and Warnings
Have you wondered why these supercenters are called big-box stores? It's because once they've gone out of business and moved on somewhere else, their big boxes fall apart, becoming town eyesores.

Superstores tend to increase prices. Even though a supercenter store seems to have low prices at first, over time, national chains can drive up prices. When there's less competition, prices can increase.

Consider how it's easy to buy items at a big chain supply store that you really don't need. But when you shop online, you'll be more focused on what you need and not buy compulsively.

Shopping at home online for building supplies is easier than going to a supercenter. Besides avoiding traffic, crowds and finding a parking spot, you can find just the right style, color and size in the comfort of your own home. Also, you don't have to worry about cramming your purchases into your vehicle as your goods are conveniently delivered to your front door.

Millwork experts can give you installation instructions and show you how to take care of your products so that they last longer.

Regardless of whatever building supply products you need, you can find them at Worthington Millwork. Please contact us and check out our wide range of high-end quality American made architectural millwork products.