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Why Signature Homes Need Architectural Millwork

What makes a house a home? A home is a unique and familiar space that becomes a source of comfort and the setting for some of our most meaningful memories. Over time the details of your home, both architectural and otherwise, become these special points of interest that differentiate your home from someone else's. Interestingly, a lot of the unique qualities and features in a home are created by the strategic use of millwork. Millwork ingrains personality and function into the space, providing the room with features that reflect its purpose and instills character into the home. Here is a look at why architectural millwork is such an important aspect of a signature home.

Use Millwork to Elevate the Space

When we think about the word signature, we think of something unique and special. Naturally, these are qualities that we hope our homes possess. Ultimately, our properties should reflect our personality and style as well. It is often those little details that impress potential home buyers because they can see themselves and others appreciating that particular feature for years to come. For example, a stairwell banister can be a seemingly common detail but by using quality building materials, the millwork can elevate this design element into something exclusive and special to your home. Millwork can help the ordinary elements and components of your home become extraordinary. Now, when home buyers see the stairwell banister, they see something special, something quality and something that other homes do not have. Later when they reflect on the home, they may not remember what color of tile the guest bathroom's floor possessed but they remember the unique stairwell banister or the interesting fireplace mantel with its charming carvings. It is the unique and elevated features of homes that home buyers remember the most. When the common elements of a home are made with quality materials and unique to the property, it makes the space feel prestigious.

Use Millwork to Inject Personality into A Room

Millwork is full of possibilities and can be applied to any space from the ceiling to the floor. When used properly, millwork can instill an architectural style or personality throughout the entire house that gives it a cohesive and memorable feel. Modern spaces may benefit from clean lines like a thick crown molding, or a bold feature wall. Whereas, a more traditionally styled home would gain interest with a more ornate crown molding. Wainscoting can immediately provide dimension and visual interest into a space while maintaining a cottage-like feel. These architectural elements are what inspires home buyers not only with their decor choices but how they feel within the space, the kind of impression they want to give to their family and visitors. Our homes become the setting of our lives and reflect who we are as individuals.

Use Millwork to Add Function

Millwork can successfully add function to any space. What was once an unused corner can be enhanced with wainscoting, hooks, and shelving and become the perfect drop off spot for backpacks, boots or beach bags. A basic utility room can become a multifunctional workspace with cabinets for cleaning supplies, a counter space for folding laundry or ironing. Millwork can help a room reach its full potential. Built-ins are increasing in popularity because they provide, character, function and a unique feature that is both useful and charming. The built-in, unlike a piece of furniture, is ingrained into the property, purpose-built and in its own way, one-of-a-kind.

Basically, if there is a room, there is a way that Millwork can make that room better. Unique window and door frames, cabinetry or even ceiling coverings are just some of the areas of a house that can be elevated with millwork. These unique design elements will inspire future home buyers into seeing beyond the house and seeing a potential home. For more information about millwork, visit us at Worthington Millwork, we are experts who specialize in "American Made Architectural Products".