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Why Artisan Builders Should Use Worthington Millwork Products

Artisan home builders and homeowners both have a deep appreciation for fine products. But for all the artisan building products that exist, there are plenty of knockoffs with poor quality and construction. Worthington Millwork delivers on its promise of modern, stylish architecture and durability. Here's why you should consider Worthington Millwork products for your next artisan building project:

Unique Product Lines

Fiberglass columns are appealing over traditional wood columns because they are load-bearing to support structures, weather-resistant, and insect-proof. Customize your:

Shape: Traditional columns are round, but square columns are also available
Size and dimensions: Diameter from 6" to 36" and height from 5' to 36'
Column style: Plain or fluted
Capitals: 12 different styles
Base: Tuscan or Attic
Splitting option: Several styles available

Worthington Millwork fiberglass columns all share the following features:

Easy to install
Class A fire rating
Rot resistant
Water resistant
Limited lifetime warranty
Fiberglass material in the capital, base, and shaft

Balusters and balustrade systems surround galvanized steel or PVC piping for structural integrity. They are suitable for commercial and residential needs and all are low-maintenance.

Cast fiberglass balustrades are very strong, heavy-duty and are generally commercial use with a Class A fire rating.
Polyurethane balustrades are lightweight and durable. They are the most popular choice and come with pre-drilled and pre-painted railing options.
Polymer stone balustrades have 6 color choices, don't need paint but still have the look and feel of real stone.

Railing systems are likewise made from aluminum or PVC and include a powdered paint option. They are durable and easy to install, while the aluminum version will not rust.

Cornices are made from either fiberglass or polyurethane. The fiberglass is sturdy, easy to install, and allows for customization to suit any profile. It includes an optional class A fire rated resin and a gel coat with color. Polyurethane cornices are pre-painted white, crack and rot resistant, insect and salt air proof. Like the fiberglass, it includes the option for a class A fire rated resin and customization for any profile. It also offers a custom paint color and sheen and a 10-year guarantee on the top coat of paint.

We offer two product lines for entrances: Pergola systems and trellises and Town Series entrance systems. Pergolas are free-standing and accent decks, patios, and other entryways and come in Standard or Premium Styles; we can also customize them based on your drawings. Our trellises provide a latticework on the side of buildings and support climbing vines or plants. For the outside and inside of your entryways, we offer our Town Series which includes custom-detailed pilasters and pediments and for a whole system, we mold the crossheads and pediments together to save you time.

For more interior decoration, our rustic line provides a variety of wood ceiling panels, ceiling beams, shutters, and brackets. We also have plenty of pieces of polyurethane millwork, including our Coral Collection.

Made in America

When you buy imported products, you cannot guarantee that you will get consistent quality and manufacturing materials. You also can't guarantee the overseas companies care about their workers. By supporting the American economy, we create more jobs within the nation and avoid pollution from overseas labor. And since it is a U.S. company, Worthington Millwork can assure you that its workers are healthy and treated well. Our values reflect in our customer service so you can feel good about both our company culture and our products.

Additionally, your U.S.-manufactured artisan products make any exchanges or replacement easy. You don't have to worry about waiting for weeks on end for a turnaround time.

There's More...

Here are other unique benefits Worthington Millwork products have to offer:

Money-back guarantee
Limited lifetime warranty
Excellent customer service nationwide
Quick lead times
A variety of products for structural support and/or decoration
Testing reports
Website product builder tools
Installation instructions online

No other company can match our promise. However, our happy customers are the first to talk about our service with glowing reviews. To learn more about our artisan building products and how we can help make your dream projects come true, contact us.