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Why Are Wooden Balustrade Systems a Good Choice for You?


Balustrades are the pillars that support a railing on a staircase, deck, or porch. They’re an essential aspect of any staircase but can also be an interesting decorative element. At Worthington, we offer different kinds of products so you can find something that fits your requirements perfectly. Wooden balustrade systems are some of the most popular options available to customers today. Here’s a look at some reasons why they’re a good choice for you:

Visual Appeal

Wooden balustrades are beautiful. They have a rich, luxurious appearance that can fit into all kinds of homes easily. Most people prefer wood because of its classic and timeless appeal. This material will never go out of style and it has been popular for hundreds of years now. We offer different balustrade colors and designs so you can find something that is a perfect fit for your home.


Wooden balustrade systems are fairly durable, especially if you maintain them according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Most clients only need to clean and polish the balustrades once every few years to maintain their appearance. The installation is also customizable as you can easily change the color or finish of the polish at a later date. For example, if you have a dark wood balustrade and want to change it to a paler color, the process is fairly easy and quick. You’ll just need to sand down the previous quote to expose the original wood grain before applying a fresh layer of polish.


Wood is a very sturdy material. It doesn't break or bend easily, providing a lot of support. Good-quality and well-maintained wood balustrades can handle a grown person falling on them without breaking, which is essential if you want to install them on your stairs or decks. We use the best raw materials and manufacturing techniques to create our wooden balustrade systems. The material is very stable and won’t warp or cause problems after exposure to rough conditions. We recommend wood for both residential and commercial applications.


Our wooden balustrade systems are designed for easy installation. There’s no need to worry about spending an entire weekend trying to understand how to assemble the kit. All balustrades are also made according to the local building code requirements and will pass scrutiny. All you need to do is follow the instructions provided in the guide that comes with the kit. You can get it professionally installed as well.

Cons of Wooden Balustrades

Wood balustrades can be a little more expensive to buy and own compared to PVC, fiberglass, or stone alternatives. These installations are also less resilient in adverse weather conditions like big snowstorms or rainstorms. Discuss your requirements and preferences with a qualified expert to determine whether the wood is the right material for you before investing in it.

At Worthington, we only offer the best quality products to our customers. If you’re looking for strong and durable wooden balustrade systems, get in touch with us today and we’ll provide the best options.