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Why Aluminum Railing is the Best for Your Balcony

Why Aluminum Railing is the Best for Your Balcony

In the recent past, most architects and contractors preferred using steel railings for balconies. However, with time, different codes of the building have been invented, and aluminum is slowly but surely becoming the material to go for when building your balcony.

You definitely to deliver a building with the best balcony that will not only last for a longer time but will also look decorative and attractive. Aluminum railings are a good fit for the balconies and have numerous advantages over the steel railings and other conventional methods.

Most of the property managers, architects, and contractors are unaware of the fact that old balcony railings cannot be reattached. That is why you need to have the best material beforehand and consider the material they will use.

Here are some of the reasons why you need aluminum railings for your balcony.


Most people are tempted to think that since are steel is solid, it can serve the purpose of a stronger balcony. The most significant disadvantage, however, is that while steel is relatively stronger than other materials, it is susceptible to corrosion, and rust.

When steel is exposed to water and salt, the steel starts to rust and corrode. The balcony will obviously be placed at the outside, and chances are that it is almost impossible to shelter it from rain. When this happens, it is easily exposed to the rain hence corrosion.

This makes aluminum railings the best railings since they are durable and are not susceptible to corrosion. This will spare you the cost of having to replace the rusted steel railings since the aluminum is more durable.


Aluminum railings are easier and cheaper to maintain and take care of. Steel railings, on the other hand, to be painted continuously to ensure that they don't rust. If some of the areas on the steel rust, they need to be ground down and repainted so that they can retain their original color since the rust spots cannot be repainted.

Aluminum requires minimal maintenance hence saves you the hassle of having the aluminum painted. Aluminum is generally known as the maintenance-free material, and it requires little or no maintenance at all. The powder coating that is applied once, retains the shine for the aluminum for several years.

The aluminum railings are hence better suited for the building of the balconies in terms of maintenance.


Comparing the price of aluminum and other materials, the cost of aluminum is relatively high. This is because the demand for aluminum railings has gradually increased while that for steel is significantly decreasing.

Aluminum railings are, however, less expensive to fabricate and install compared to steel. This reason, coupled together with the maintenance cost, aluminum becomes cheaper and efficient to install.

Looking at the long term benefits of the aluminum railings for your balcony rather than the short term benefits will save you cost in the long run.


Aesthetics, such as between the color of the steel and the color of aluminum, vary greatly. The aluminum is shinier and hence gives your house a better finish that is attractive compared to the dull glow of steel. Aluminum can also be powder coated in several different colors giving the home that modern look.


Aluminum railings are easier to install and are not time-consuming to install. Compared to steel, aluminum is not as heavy hence more comfortable to fit. It is exceptionally lightweight and easier to manipulate during installation due to its modular structure.