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Which Newel Caps Are The Right Fit For Your Home's Architecture?

If you're investing in our railings and supports, then you've already chosen a strong material that can be molded to suit your fancy. However, the railings are only one part of your home's decor. The anchor point for where it all starts is the newel post, and for that post to look complete it needs to be fitted with a newel cap. That cap is going to draw the eye whenever someone sees the post, and as such it really sets the tone for your home's overall look.

That's why you need to be certain that your newel cap fits with your home's overall architectural style; otherwise it's going to stick out like a sore thumb.

What Look Does Your Home Have?

While there are a lot of technical terms that can be thrown around when it comes to discussing your home's architecture, it's best not to get too complicated when choosing your newel cap. Instead, simply ask yourself whether the cap you're looking at fits with the rest of your home, and with the rest of the balustrade in general.

For example, take the 23-300 newel cap out of our product list. This cap has an upward-pointing design, and is more elaborate than a standard newel cap. And if your home has particularly high ceilings, or if there are similar designs on the balusters, then this cap can be seen as carrying through with the theme of your home's design. It would also really play into the design of 20-315 style balusters, creating a unique through design so that it feels more like a single piece instead of disparate parts joined together. However, if everything else in your home is smooth and subtle, then the design of this newel cap might seem ostentatious, or out of place. Or if you're pairing it with the very simple, straightforward design of 20-231, which is a basic, squared-off post. In this case it would be sort of like pairing an intricately engraved gold ring set with diamonds with a tee shirt and jeans... the looks just don't mesh well.

On the other hand, choosing a plain newel cap can be the same problem from the opposite direction. The 23-100 newel cap, for instance, is a basic, squared off model. It's nothing fancy, but it performs the simple task of capping off the post. However, if you have a home with geometric designs on the wall, or even balusters that are a little more varied in their design, then that cap might be a little too understated for you. In this case it isn't noticed because of what it does, but for what it doesn't do; like having an empty space in an otherwise perfect flower garden.

You need to paint a complete picture, and if one element doesn't fit with the others, it can be the one detail that really mars the overall image.

Mix, Match, and Find What Suits You

One of the beautiful things about using more modern materials and manufacturing methods is that customers can mix and match different options to suit their home's needs and design. From the balusters, to the top rail, to the newel post itself, to the cap, every design element is one more chance to make your home more unique, and to increase your interior beauty.

But you shouldn't be hasty in making your decision. There are a lot of potential combinations, and they're all going to offer something different when it comes to your living space. So take a moment and go through all of your options until you're fully satisfied that what you're looking at is going to enhance your home, because sometimes all it takes is changing one detail to really bring out the patterns you're designing with.