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Which Balustrade System Works Best For You?

Whether you own a home or a business, chances are you need a railing to keep everyone safe while on your property. Balustrades can be used throughout several areas of a building, including stairs, balconies, decks, and even bridges. But doing research on the different kinds of railings can become overwhelming. There are so many choices, and it can be difficult finding the option that works best for your home's style. We have found and listed some of the best balustrade systems below, in the hopes that we can help make your decision easier.

The first things we removed from our list were wood and metal handrails. If the purpose of a baluster is to have a sturdy barrier that protects you from falling, then you don't want materials that will easily deteriorate. When used on the exterior of your property and exposed to the elements, wood and metal will eventually weaken and require repair. Either that, or they will require you to spend additional money on preventative measures to avoid replacement.

Below are three types of balustrade systems and their different benefits. Not only are these balusters sturdy and dependable, but they can also be painted and modeled to fit your specifications. So these options are versatile and reliable for everyone.

Polyurethane Balustrade

Lightweight and affordable, polyurethane balustrades are typically the most versatile railings available on the market. These balusters can be designed skinnier and with a variety of styles to fit any construction design. This option is ideal for indoor and outdoor use, depending on the size, width, and style that you choose. Because they can be sculpted skinnier, they are great for stairwells and small balconies, or the larger versions are great for patios and other outdoor areas.

Cast Fiberglass Balustrade 

The opposite of polyurethane would be a fiberglass balustrade system. Cast fiberglass balusters are the heaviest and stoutest option listed here. But like the other options, this one is also low maintenance and sustainable. Fiberglass, being large and a great alternative to wood, is ideal for businesses and commercial buildings. It is also the most fire-resistant option, which lends to its usability compared to wood. Aside from occasionally repainting your fiberglass balustrade system to keep it looking pristine, your railing will look the same, and be just as sturdy, 100 years from the day it was installed.

Polymer Stone Balustrade

And if you are looking for style and elegance, then a polymer stone balustrade system may be the best option for you. This balustrade option comes with several stone-like colors and can be sculpted in several different sizes. Available in skinny and stout designs, the stone look of these balustrades are ideal for outdoor areas in both residential and business properties. Polymer stone balusters look and feel like stone and can be made in such a way that they don't require paint.

Worthington Millwork, for example, can make your polymer stone balustrade custom to your preferences, and manufacture the stone color throughout the product. Their unique technique carries the pigments of your chosen color with the resin throughout the product so you don't ever have to paint your balustrade.

Worthington Millwork creates custom columns, moulding, and millwork. We are proud to provide "American Made Architectural Products" that are perfectly designed to fit your needs. With nearly 30 years of providing service nationwide, our staff is dedicated to providing superior customer service. It is our goal to help you find the best product, efficiently and for the best price.