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Where to Buy Porch Columns and What is the Cost?

So you took the first step and decided
that your home needs porch columns. You have looked into the different materials, but now you don't know where to buy them. Does this sound like you? If so, your next step is to figure out how many porch columns you want to purchase. This can be very important because typically the more porch columns you order the cheaper the price is per column. Now, if you need only one porch column it is best that you go to your local building supply store because most of them actually carry columns. The reason it is best to purchase locally when only buying one is because you will be spending a lot of money to ship these columns, if you only purchase one, and it needs to be shipped, you will end up paying more for shipping than what you would pay for your column.

If you are looking to purchase several columns you may want to look into a manufacturer that sells to the public. Places such as HB&G, Dixie Pacific, and Turncraft only sell to distributors so the average person would not be able to purchase from them. Worthington Millwork on the other hand is a manufacturer that sells to the general public. So it is all about research and knowing which manufacturer to go to.

The reason that you want to go to a manufacturer like Worthington Millwork is because you are not going through any third party that could possibly mark up the price. You know you are getting the absolute best deal that you can. You are no longer taking someone's word that you are getting the best deal. This is a great feeling knowing that you are confident in where you are spending your money.

Manufacturers that sell to the public also have fun tools on their website. Such as the 3 step column builder. This allows you to build your own column so that you can get a more visual idea of what you are looking for. Then, when you are ready, you can simply submit your design for a quote!

Pricing on columns is something that is very hard to pinpoint without knowing detailed information on the column. For instance, you can have prices per column range anywhere from $120.00 all the way up to $15,000.00! Pretty crazy right? Well, the reason is because porch columns come in so many different sizes and materials. From 6"x6' all the way up to 36"x36' or even larger! Typically though the most popular material is fiberglass because you get the most for your money!

Porch Column Checklist:

Get price quotes from several companies.
Ask about warranties.
Don't be afraid to ask for discounts when purchasing multiple porch columns.
Feel free to get quotes on several different materials.
Research the company. Do they have great online presence with reviews?
Do they have a good product variety?
Make sure the porch columns are made in America!
Ask about getting samples of the product and compare them with other companies.
is it Class A Fire rated?