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What is Polyurethane?

Polyurethane being used in an exterior application

Before we get to some of the reasons you need to use it in your home, what exactly is polyurethane? It is a versatile material that belongs to the highly diverse family of elastic polymers. It exists in various forms including solids and foams and is formed when a polyol is reacted with a polymeric isocyanate using a catalyst.

In simpler terms, polyurethane is a synthetic polymer with the elasticity of rubber but unlike the latter starts as a liquid. Due to this difference, polyurethane can be tailored to be a highly rigid material, or a flexible one. It thereby has a diverse array of applications. For instance, its incredible versatility has seen it become a highly popular material in the architectural realm. It is now used to manufacture a wide range of architectural finishes such as window finishes, brackets, and corbels, ceiling medallions, and balustrades among many others.