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What is an "All Fiberglass" Porch Column?

If you conduct a search online for the phrase "fiberglass porch columns" a hand full of companies pop up in the search results on both Yahoo and Google.  There are many different brands, materials, pictures descriptions, sales pitches and offers.  With all this information it is sometimes hard to tell what you are actually purchasing and that should be SCARY as it could be a costly mistake if you don’t purchase the right product!  Most E-commerce companies offer a picture, a part and a price and call it a fiberglass column.

An all fiberglass column means that all components (Capital, Shaft and Base) of the column have some minimal level of fiberglass, of each component, in order to be called an all fiberglass column.  That’s right…some manufactures actually call their column a fiberglass column when the capital and base are made of something other than fiberglass.  These materials come with names such as plastic, synthetic and worst of all polyurethane foam. Try using a shovel, a weed whacker, or give a small kid a hammer and see what damage occurs when hitting a polyurethane foam base!

Polyurethane foam has its place in the building industry. For instance, crown molding, brackets, window heads and arches are a better fit at the higher location on the building and doesn’t have to deal with foot traffic.

Benefits of all Fiberglass Columns

Class A Fire Rating
Lightweight Design
Rot Resistant
Highly Durable
Made In The Great U.S.A
Fiberglass Capital, Shaft and Base

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These articles can be a lifesaver when trying to make the right decision. Columns are a big expense for your home. Make sure you are getting what you absolutely need!