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What Are Some Signs That Your Home's Features Need Some Love?

As you your home comes into view and you pull into the driveway at the end of the day, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it how nice your home looks? If you aren't proud when you see your house, then it may be time to give the features a boost. Here is how to tell when it is time to repair your home's features.


If there is a leak inside the house, it can be pretty obvious that it is time to repair or replace the roof. But even if you don't have a leak yet, you may still want to head it off at the pass. If your shingles are starting to curl or break, you should probably have a new roof put on your house as soon as possible. If you know that the roof is at least 20 years old or more, then it may be worthwhile to take a closer look for possible signs that it is ready to retire.


There are several signs that your siding is ready to go. One of the things siding helps with is protecting your home from the elements. If there are cracks or holes in the siding, your home could easily be taking on moisture, so repair the siding right away. If you have wood siding and it shows signs of rot or termites, then you might want to do something about it. And, even if you do not see any outward signs of damage, if you find moisture or mold growing on your walls, then you should take a closer look at your siding, because it may not be doing its job.

Front Door

Your front door is a part of your home's first impression. It should say, "Welcome," to guests. If it is outdated or if it is dented or broken, it may be time to get a new one. If it is still serviceable but a little drab, then a paint job and some new hardware may just do the trick.


Windows are such an important part of your home's character that they should not be ignored. If you feel a draft coming into the house, the windows may need some maintenance. If the windows will not fully open or close or if they are painted shut, you definitely need new ones. Windows that fog easily are also crying out to be replaced. If your windows have lead weights, they may be very charming and valuable as antiques, but they are also not keeping out the draft as well as they should be.


Your porch is also vital to your home's curb appeal. Loose boards may just need a repair or they may be a sign that you simply need a whole new porch. Missing balustrades should definitely be replaced. If the porch is outdated or if it no longer matches the house, these are good reasons to start over and get something new. Adding architectural elements to the columns can also boost the look of your porch. Of course, sometimes all a weathered porch needs is just a fresh coat of paint. Also, don't overlook things like furnishings to help dress up your porch and make it inviting.

How do you know when your home's features need to be repaired? It is very likely your home will tell you, so pay attention. If your home is drafty or shows signs of moisture, you may need to make repairs. If the features make the home look dated or in poor shape, that is a big sign. Keeping your home looking it's best also helps it to perform at its best.