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Types of Millwork and Trims

Capital A decorative device generally placed at the top of a column
Chair rail Surround room at chair back height to prevent scuffing and damage to walls.
Column Load bearing or for looks. Might have capital at top/ base at the bottom.
Corbel  Decorative like a Capital, used for Pilasters, mantels, or load bearing shelf support.
Crown molding Where wall meets ceiling to hide uneven surfaces and provide visual interest.
Frieze / Dentil molding Below crown moldings-a decorative band. Dentil is toothed pattern.
Medallions  Ornate accents applied to ceiling and act as chandelier focal points. The designs usually radiate out from center in ivy, floral, and Celtic motifs.
Pediment An ornamental accent found above entry ways and windows.
Pilaster Rectangular column topped with capital or corbel and trim for base.
Picture / plate rails Surround room near top of wall to facilitate hanging pictures. Range from shallow shelf to slotted trim to accept picture hooks.
Portico Entrance area including facade.
Rosette Small version of a medallion used to accent a mantel, woodwork or curtain draw post.
Wall Niche Recessed container used to showcase decorative elements like vases.


Other types of millwork


Arch surrounds-- Half-round or elliptical trim mounted above a door or window
Bracket-- Filigree or ornamental blocks between a vertical support and horizontal member. Brackets usually provide crossbracing or support between a post and beam or a beam and cornice
Cornice-- Projection at the top of a wall, under a roof's eaves
Gable decoration--Triangular-shaped filigree or panel fitted into the rake
end of a gable roof
Header or head-- Horizontal projection over the top of a window or a doorway
Keystone-- Angular block centered over a door or window in a header or mantle
Louvers--Slatted panels of various shapes that are mounted in the upper portion of a gable wall to provide attic ventilation
Mantel-- Horizontal projection over the top of a doorway or fireplace
Moldings-- A variety of trim pieces, usually sold in lengths
Quoins--Rectangular blocks that extend up the corner of a building
Shutters--Real or artificial window covers mounted to each side of a window
There are so many different types of millwork and trims that you can select to use in your home. each one of these can add significant value to your home as well.