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Top Reasons Why You Should Use Aluminum Railings for Your Next Project

Nothing adds flair and distinction to a home or any other building than an elegant deck. However, these two elements only come into play when the right railing material is used. But, due to the countless railing materials available in the market, choosing one that adds a dash of unique to your deck can be quite a mean feat. To make it a tad easier for you, we strongly recommend you use aluminum railings for your next project.

Why Opt for Aluminum Railings

While you can go for any railing material you feel fits your project, we'd advise you to choose aluminum railing and here's why.

Excellent Durability

Aluminum is a non-ferrous metal. This means that unlike wood, it doesn't rot, and unlike steel, it's not affected by corrosion. Also, it's not susceptible to extreme weather conditions. Hence you need not worry about the high summer temperatures or the freezing winter weather. In a nutshell, whether you're using aluminum railings for a commercial, residential or industrial project, durability should be the least of your worries. These railings remain in great shape regardless of what Mother Nature throws at them.

Zero- maintenance

Wood railings offer an excellent classic look but are quite frail and require constant painting, staining, and sealing. Steel railings, on the other hand, need repainting to prevent corrosion, while vinyl railings fade and deteriorate due to continuous shrinkage and expansion.

What about aluminum? Well, as noted earlier, it's non-ferrous so it cannot be affected by rotting, corrosion, or weather conditions. In other words, aluminum railings require no repainting, re-staining, or sealing. For additional stability, our American made architectural aluminum railings are usually covered in a powder paint coating. This makes them even more durable and eliminates the need for maintenance except for periodic cleaning.

Great Versatility

Whether you're using them for a commercial or residential project, aluminum railings give you a handful of installation options. They can be adjusted to fit any landscape. For instance, if your project is on a sloping landscape, you need to use railings that can rack the land instead of creating ugly gaps or stair-stepped sections. Fortunately, aluminum's great versatility means that it can rack creating a polished appearance throughout the fence. You can, therefore, trust aluminum railings to bring out the final look just as you had pictured it.


Aluminum is highly recyclable and is one of the most recycled materials globally.  This means it has high scrap value and any cut-offs or left-overs you create in your project can be sent to scrap yards instead of the dump. Therefore, if you're an eco-conscious person and always use materials that are environmentally friendly for all your projects, then aluminum railings are a perfect fit.

However, note that not all of them are eco-friendly. To ensure you get the right ones, only opt for  American-made railings. Only then can you be assured that you're spending on top-shelf quality, eco-friendly aluminum railings.

Excellent Aesthetics

If it's flair you're looking for, then you got it with aluminum railings. They're available in virtually an unlimited selection of designs, colors, and texture enabling you to choose those that suit your project best.

Strong and Safe

The primary reason why railings are used in any project is to safeguard the wellbeing of those in the building. That said, whether you're using aluminum railings for balconies, stairways or as an outdoor fence, you can be confident that they'll help keep whoever or whatever you're trying to protect safe. But keep in mind that the strength of the railings might be different depending on the alloy used. To ensure you get the best, only purchase your railings from a reputable manufacturer.

Final Thoughts

Given all the above benefits, it's no surprise that aluminum railings are the most popular when it comes to railing projects. Get in touch with us to explore our reliable and easy to install American made aluminum railing selection.