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Top Reasons to "Enclose" Your Grilling Patio with a Pergola


Cooking outdoors is a great way to get out of the kitchen and out in the fresh air. Plus, nothing tastes better than a perfectly grilled steak, juicy hamburger, or kabobs. The only problem is that you can't always use your grilling patio because of the weather. Some days the sun's just too intense. Other times a light rain keeps you inside. Adding a pergola to your grilling patio is a great way to solve these problems and you'll also benefit in a few ways you might not expect.


What is a Pergola?


Pergolas are basic outdoor structures that feature sturdy columns on the corners that support a grid of beams and rafters on the roof. Oftentimes this grid is left open, however, some pergolas feature retractable fabric roof covers. A pergola can either stand on its own, or be attached to a house or other building.


Benefits of a Pergola for Your Grilling Patio


Since you only use your grilling patio for cooking and eating, you might be wondering how building a pergola over it could possibly benefit you. The truth is, there are several excellent reasons for a grilling patio pergola:


Weather Protection


If you've ever stood over a hot grill on a sunny day, you know how uncomfortable it can be. Likewise, a little rain may not dampen your appetite, but it'll make cooking outside miserable. Even though a pergola doesn't have a solid roof and walls, it can still provide a great deal of protection from the elements. When angled properly, the beams and rafters create ample shade and block out the majority of the rain.


Protects Equipment


Your grill was meant to be used outside and it's pretty good at resisting the elements. Even so, prolonged exposure to the sun's UV rays and moisture can cause it to rust, or stop working. A good grill isn't cheap and you want to get the most out of your investment. A pergola over the grilling patio not only helps preserve your grill, but also your furniture and accessories so the last longer.


Creates Interest


Most times grilling patios are flat, uninteresting, but functional spaces. You want more than that. If your yard is missing some visual appeal, consider building a pergola over your grilling patio. It will create an interesting focal point that will help draw guest into the space. If you surround it with plants, and perhaps add a trellis or two for a climbing vine, you'll create a cozy little outdoor kitchen.


Defines Spaces


Your yard and garden are essentially additional rooms for your home. By dividing up the area into specific areas, it helps to create a certain mood and atmosphere. For example, the playground equipment for the kids is separate from the area where the cooking and eating is done. A pergola is an excellent way to define the outdoor kitchen area so that other activities don't get in the way of preparing and sharing a good meal.


Improved Home Value


Outdoor kitchens are a popular item on the wish list of prospective home buyers and they'll pay a premium to get one. Being that it's a fairly inexpensive way to add on to your current living space, it's also a great investment that will yield a fairly high return. Even if you're not interested in selling your home right away, it's good to know that a pergola can increase its value.




If you and your family enjoy cooking and eating outdoors, consider adding a pergola to your grilling patio to make the experience even better. You'll be able to cook outside on the brightest sunny days and those not so great rainy days without bother. Your expensive grill and equipment will last longer, your yard will look nicer, and you'll add value to your home all in one fell swoop.