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Top Four Mistakes to Avoid During Aluminum Railing Installation

Aluminum is one of the most popular metals when it comes to railing materials. This is, however, no surprise as it's highly customizable, boasts excellent versatility, and at the same time, it's durable and requires little to no maintenance. When used as a fence, for instance, aluminum railings not only create a polished appearance but are also highly functional. So if you chose aluminum railings for your pool area or fence, then you've made the right choice. If you've also decided to handle the installation, here is an outline of some of the mistakes you should avoid so the process can be a breeze!

Common Mistakes People Do During Aluminum Railing Installation

Installing your aluminum railing fence saves you money and allows you to do things your way. However, while you may be handy, you're not professionally trained for such a task and may end up making costly mistakes. Fortunately, we won't let that happen. Here are some common mistakes to avoid during this major installation

1. Failure to Follow Instructions

Every railing system, no matter how simple it might be, comes with an instruction manual. However, most people often toss it aside and opt to do things their way. In most cases, this usually ends messily. Therefore, even if you've watched and read countless tutorials and think you've got the hang of it, ensure you go through the manual.

This is important because railing systems are different, and hence, your manual might contain distinct instructions that weren't available in the tutorials. Thus, take a few minutes to go through the manual before you start the process.

2. Using Dry Set Concrete

While installing aluminum railing for a fence, most people often find it easy to place the railing inside the hole and then later pour dry concrete and water in it.  While there's no denying that this makes the installation process a walk in the park, it doesn't provide a solid anchor for the railing. Therefore, even though there's a lot of work involved, we strongly recommend you premix the concrete with water before pouring it.  This results in a much-polished look and also a solid aluminum fence.

3. Digging Railing Holes Blindly

On the surface, a fencing project seems easy. After all, it involves drilling holes and placing in the railings. However, any professional will tell you there's more to it than meets the eye. For instance, when it comes to digging holes, you need to ensure you know the number of sections in each fence run. This will help you determine how far apart the railing posts should be. Failure to do so means you'll dig the holes blindly and end up with an uneven fence or even worse, one that violates building codes.

4. Cutting Underground Cables

This is yet another common mistake that people do while handling their fencing project and one you should highly avoid as it may end up in trouble with the authorities. If you're unsure of where these cables might be, call your local electric company so it may mark out where the wires pass through. Doing so will facilitate a smooth sailing fencing project.

A Final Word

Installing your aluminum railing fence can be quite fulfilling. However, it would be so disappointing to end up with a shabby or non-functional fence after a day of hard work due to the mistakes above. To avoid them, inform your supplier about your DIY plan so they can give you a complete set of installation instructions. Also, purchase your railings from a reputable supplier as only then can you be assured of excellent customer care. On that note, head over to our page for more installation tips and be sure to review our premium range of aluminum railings!