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Top 7 Window Treatments That Will Transform your Space

Looking to remodel your home into a more livable space but lack the bandwidth to take on a complete overhaul? If yes, you'll be glad to know there're plenty of improvement projects that you can take on that will significantly enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home without pushing into the four digits. For instance, you can start by getting new window treatments. Even though this might seem like a simple improvement, if done right, it can turn your windows into an exquisite focal point. That said, here are some of the best window treatments that will help you get started.

7 Window Treatments That Will Transform Your Home

The right window treatment has the potential to not only transform a bland looking room into a luxurious space but also enhance its privacy and even reduce your energy bill. However, with countless options available, choosing the right one can feel like an uphill task. To help you narrow down your choices, we outlined some of the best window treatments that you can use to transform your space.

1. Shades

Shades are among the most common form of window treatments and depending on the type, can be used on different parts of the home. Often confused for blinds, a shade is any window treatment made of a swath of soft fabric or any similar material. It's usually cut to fit the width of a window and is attached to a rod so that you can lift or lower it. Since it's made of fabric, you cannot tilt it. You either raise or lower it fully. Shades are thereby categorized under soft window treatments. Below is a selection of some of the best shades that you can incorporate in your home's decor

Roman Pleated Shades

A Roman Shade is made of one continuous piece of fabric which, when lowered, hangs flat to the length of the window and when raised, forms beautiful horizontal pleats. This type of shade is an incredibly popular option in most modern homes, and when you consider the reasons, it's easy to see why.

For instance, Roman Shades are available in a nearly endless array of colors and patterns. Also, they combine the aesthetic appeal of drapery and the exemplary functionality of a shade, seamlessly blending in with almost any type of décor.

Bamboo Shades

Also known as woven wood shades, bamboo shades are ideal if you're working towards an exotic, natural look. Besides bamboo, they are also available in an array of other exotic textures. For instance, grass and reeds.

Austrian Shades

If you're looking for a treatment that will act as your living room's focal point and at the same time, add a touch of luxury into it, your search ends here. An Austrian shade consists of a large swath of fabric which is gathered in scallops when lowered and forms tighter, magnificent scallops when raised.

Cellular Shades

Also known as translucent shades, cellular shades are an excellent choice for when you're trying to enhance the visual appeal of a room and at the same improve energy efficiency. They boast a unique honeycomb design which makes them appealing and can be single, double or triple celled. These cells trap air and act as a barrier between the room and the window, hence keeping all the warmth inside. They are therefore perfect if you live in a state like Michigan, where winters go crazy. Surprisingly, cellular shades are made of cloth-like material!

2. Blinds

Blinds, on the other hand, are considered hard window treatments as they are mostly made from hard materials such as vinyl, wood, and metal. They usually consist of slats or louvers, which can be raised, lowered, or tilted to attain your desired level of privacy or light. Some great blind ideas include;

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds can be either wooden, metallic or plastic. They are typically suspended by strips of cloth which you can use to rotate the slats to any angle within 180 degrees. For instance, you can rotate the slats to overlap either inward or outward. Venetian Blinds are the most common.

Vertical Blinds

As the name implies, vertical blinds are made of vertical slats. They are a great idea if you only want to use blinds but be a little unique because instead of raising or lowering them like regular blinds, you draw them to the side. Also, due to their design, vertical blinds rarely collect dust which makes them the perfect window treatments. Besides windows, you can also use them on patio doors that also slide.

3. Shutters

Shutters are hard window treatments usually attached to the window frame. The slats on the shutters are designed in such a way that they can be adjusted to allow or block sunlight and airflow. They are available in a wide range of materials, from natural wood, PVC, vinyl, faux wood to aluminum.

Polyurethane Shutters are very low maintenance, child and pet safe, excellent insulators, and boast incredible durability. However, they are more high-end and will cause you to go deeper in your pockets, but it'll be worth it as they add to your home's value.

4. Curtains

Curtains are a common sight in most homes, and you probably have them too. Even though it might seem unlikely, it's possible to enhance your home's appeal using nothing but curtains. This is because they are available in a virtually unlimited selection of colors, styles, patterns, and textures. Hence you only need to learn how to play around with the color scheme in the room you're planning to revamp.

5. Sheers

Also known as net curtains, sheer curtains are tailored from a sheer fabric and are exceptionally lightweight. Sheer curtains are perfect for when you want as much natural light as possible while at the same time maintain privacy as you can see what's happening outside, but someone on the outside of your house cannot see through them. They also tend to give a room an open, airy feel and are an excellent choice for when you want to layer window treatments.

6. Drapes

Drapes are like curtains, but heavier and are also lined and pleated. Similar to curtains, they come in a diverse array of colors, patterns, and styles. Depending on the color and style, drapes can add a casual or sophisticated look to a room. They are more formal and are ideal to the living and bedroom areas. Blackout drapes are especially perfect for a brightly lit bedroom as they can block out natural light and retain the room's warmth for better sleeping.

7. Cornice

Even though a cornice cannot serve as a window covering, it's an excellent treatment for when you want to hide the rods and other mounting hardware of the window treatments above. It's also perfect if you're trying to add a rustic statement piece to an otherwise bland looking window area. A cornice is usually fitted over the window frame and is shaped like a box. The most common is the wooden cornice, but if you're trying to enhance the appeal and at the same time stand out, a polyurethane cornice is a much better choice. It's customizable; hence, you can shape or trim it to achieve the look you had in mind.

8. Valance

Even though a valance and a cornice serve the same function, there's a remarkable difference between the two. A valance is usually made out of fabric while a cornice, as noted above, is a hard window treatment made out of hard materials such as wood and polyurethane. Depending on what you're trying to pull off and the room in question, a valance can either be layered or used alone. For instance, on a small bathroom window, a valance can be used alone while on a living room's window, it should be layered.

What to Consider When Choosing Window Treatments

Do you go with blinds or drapes? Curtains or shades?  Well, the truth is we don't have a cut and dried answer for you as all the treatments above, can dramatically improve your space's visual appeal. But only, if they blend in with your space's style. In light of that, here are factors to consider while making your selection

Insulation/ Energy Efficiency

If your goal is to keep the heat inside during cold seasons and at the same time enhance the visual appeal of your home, window treatments such as cellular shades, shutters and drapes are ideal. But if you're purely focusing on aesthetics, then any of the above treatments will work for you depending on the rest of the décor.

Light and Privacy

While selecting window treatments, you must consider the amount of light and level of privacy you want in the room. As noted, sheers are great for when you want as much light in the room as possible but at the same time keep nosy neighbors out of your business. Drapes, on the other hand, are ideal for when you want to block out light.

However, it's possible to use two window treatments at the same time. If your living room tends to get too much light, then you can use sheers during the day to allow it in and at the same time keep the eyes of privy neighbors at bay and use drapes or curtains to block it out when the need arises.

Size and Type of Room

Some window treatments work best in particular rooms than others. For instance, even though they can be tailored to suit smaller rooms, Austrian shades are ideal for a large living room with large windows. Hence, before you spend your cash on a window covering, consult a skilled interior designer to see if it's ideal for the space you're trying to transform.


The reason why you're taking on this project in the first place is to enhance your home's outlook. That said, while the factors listed above are of the essence, don't forget that your décor will be affected by the kind of treatment you choose to use. Therefore, while shopping, go for a treatment that aligns with your décor style and is at the same time functional.


Some window treatments require regular maintenance, while others don't. For instance, curtains and drapery need frequent washing while vertical blinds don't collect dust; hence, require little to no maintenance.


Some window treatment options are more expensive than others. Thus, you ought to consider your budget so you can shop within your price range.

Why are Window Treatments of the Essence?

Apart from improved privacy, an enhanced interior outlook, and energy efficiency, window treatments are essential as they

Increase Your Home's Value

If at some point you're planning on selling your home, you'll be glad to know window treatments will drive its market value up. Not all homes have these treatments. Therefore, window treatments such as polyurethane cornices, blinds, shades, and shutters make your home more outstanding in the real estate market, hence driving its value up.


Window treatments also enhance the safety of your home in several ways. For instance, if your home's windows are far from the ground and you have pets and kids, shutters will allow them to enjoy outdoor views while at the same time keep them safe. They also keep burglars away by making your home hard to break into and preventing people with ill intentions from seeing your home's interior. For instance, sheers give you an outdoor view and at the same time, prevent outsiders from seeing what's inside.

They Block Out the Sun

Natural light is excellent until UV rays fade out your furniture's fabric or bleach your wooden floors. With the right window treatment, however, you can enjoy natural light without having to worry about anything fading.

Final Thoughts

Window treatments are an easy yet effective way to breathe new life into an otherwise bland space. Get them right, and you'll dramatically enhance not only the room's appeal, but you'll have created a stunning focal point. Head over to our page  or contact us for more useful home improvement tips. While at it, feel free to browse our unlimited selection of American-Made Architectural products to see what you can use in your next project.