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Top 5 Ceiling Medallion Uses for 2015

In Today’s economy everyone is looking for creative ways to design living spaces using items in a way they ordinarily wouldn’t; such as ceiling medallions. This trend has seemingly exploded since our first post about this in 2012.

Ceiling Medallions are a very versatile product. Using them as a table base with a baluster shaft makes for an adorable side table. Painting these with bright vibrant colors can bring a dull room alive with a pop of color coming from an unexpected place.

Another great way to get usage out of our medallions is to use them as a centerpiece for a table. Most all medallions have holes in the center of them, when you purchase one of these you can buy one with large cut outs or small cut outs. These holes allow for you to use your imagination! Place a candle in it or a vase with flowers, once you paint the medallion the color of your choice it sits right on top of your table perfectly and would be a fabulous conversation piece!

Some people purchase these medallions in many different sizes and place them on the wall; this is a great textured look! When company walks into the room they are not quite sure what it is or what you used - all they know is that it is gorgeous! Paint these in all different colors to bring in a fun vibrant feel or paint them all one color to bring in an elegant feel. Either way you choose it is always an eye catcher!

Instead of just placing the medallions onto the wall, why not put pictures in them? Stop using the boring old frames. this allows you to have so much more detail surrounding your pictures and causes curiosity. I bet your lovely pictures will get looked at far more often!

What do you think about using a mirror in them? This has also gained popularity.