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The Top 5 Reasons to Choose a Fiberglass Balustrade System

Adding new balustrades to the exterior of your home or commercial facility is a great way to improve your building's curb appeal, and it can also help to improve the safety of porches, staircases, and raised walkways on your property. However, with there being so many materials to choose from when looking at balustrade systems, it can be difficult to know which system to choose. While wood has often been the material of choice for balustrades, more people are choosing to instead go with fiberglass balustrades due to the enhanced benefits that they can provide. If you are considering purchasing new balustrades for your building's exterior, here are just a few of the benefits that you could gain by choosing fiberglass balustrades.  

Extreme Durability

One of the primary benefits of choosing fiberglass balustrades is that they are an extremely durable option, particularly when compared to their wood counterparts. Unlike wood, fiberglass balustrades will not crack, corrode, or peel, and you do not have to worry about them being damaged by water, mold, or insects, making them the superior option for outdoor applications. In fact, these balustrades are so durable that they will require very little maintenance to keep them looking brand new for many years to come, which is why they are preferred for commercial applications, as building owners and site managers will have to do very little to maintain them.   

Limited Lifetime Warranty

In case the durability of fiberglass balustrades was still in doubt, you will be comforted to know that many manufacturers offer a limited lifetime warranty on their fiberglass balustrade systems. This further highlights the durability and longevity of these systems, as the manufacturers are confident enough in the quality of their materials to offer a lifetime guarantee. Thusly, in the off-chance that something happens to your fiberglass balustrades, you will be protected by this warranty. Alternatively, wood balustrades often deteriorate and have to be repaired or replaced after several years. The likelihood is that by choosing a fiberglass balustrade system you will not have to replace your balustrades for many decades, or possibly even a century.   

A Fire-Resistant Material

Another problem with wooden balustrades is that they are, by nature, flammable, which can make them a fire hazard, and an unnecessary liability. Alternatively, fiberglass balustrades are known for being extremely fire-resistant. In fact, these systems are so fire-resistant that they have received a class "A" fire rating. This means that the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has deemed these balustrades to be amongst the most fire-resistant building materials on the market, as only products that have been deemed to be extremely fire-safe are assigned this most stringent of the NFPA's fire ratings. This can help reduce the risk of a fire spreading should it reach your home or commercial facility.   

Meets Building Codes 

Another important consideration to make when choosing balustrades is your local commercial and residential building code regulations, as there are usually regulations regarding the construction of balusters in order to ensure that they are safe. Generally, commercial building codes require balusters to be a minimum of 42" high, while residential codes only require a minimum height of 36". At Worthington Millwork, our balustrades are built with these regulations in mind, and our fiberglass systems are designed to meet all building codes.   

Easily Customizable

Another benefit of fiberglass balustrades is that they are easily customizable and can be painted to fit your home or office building. While certain balustrade materials come pre-painted and may not be suited for repainting, fiberglass systems can be easily painted to meet your needs, and they can be repainted as you see fit down the road. You will not be locked in by a single look with a fiberglass balustrade system.    

If you are considering replacing your balustrades or adding new balustrades to your property, contact us to learn more about the benefits that fiberglass balustrade systems can provide.