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The Person Behind The Phone - Worthington Millwork

Hello everyone! I wanted to write a blog from a first person aspect so that you could get a little better look at who we are.

We are a great group of people that all have the same views on how customers should be treated. We try our best to not look at whether it is a B2C customer or a B2B customer, we think of every phone call as a P2P customer which means “person to person.” Clients are never just a number here at Worthington. We truly like to build relationships and that is our goal every day when we come into work. We are very easy to get along with and very laid back.  We absolutely love hearing about your projects and are known for giving suggestions! This also means we to love hearing suggestions.  In a relationship both opinions matter and we enjoy hearing your suggestions, complaints, or questions whether it is bad or good and we take each of these very seriously. We aren't like a typical large company where your words never get heard.

By now you may be wondering who I am. My name is Holli, you most likely have spoken with me before if you have ever called because I usually answer the phones. I am currently in school for digital media technology and I am working on my bachelor’s degree. I am in charge of maintaining all internet marketing for Worthington.  I absolutely love working here and our customers are amazing! I work very closely with several other employees who are also amazing.

Once you become a customer or have just called for an inquiry, somewhere down the line you may have spoken with Kyle. Many people think his name is "Cal" because of his accent from his native state Alabama.  Kyle is the owner of Worthington Millwork and has been the owner for almost 12 years.  He graduated from Troy University with an M.B.A. and has grown Worthington into the multi-million dollar company that it is today through building relationships with hard working people and clients that are looking for the best architectural products available in the industry.

We are excited about the future of meeting new clients and building long lasting relationships!  We have been making several updates with our website management, social media sites, and also our ordering process. We are hoping that these changes make everything much easier for you. We (of-course as stated earlier) absolutely love getting feedback. This is really the only way to make anything within a company better in our eyes. It is really all about the customer and what they would or wouldn't like to see change. So please feel free to contact us and let us know anything thats on your mind!