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The Major Benefits Of Using An Aluminum Deck Railing System

If you wonder why you should choose aluminum deck railing instead of other railing  alternatives, you should know that aluminum comes along with some great qualities that no other material can equal. Besides adding security and value to your property, aluminum railing provides a series of notable advantages, such as:

Advantages of Aluminum

  • High Resistance: Aluminum is a non-ferrous metal, which means that there is no need to worry about excessive corrosion and rust. Delivering one of the most weather-resistant materials available today, aluminum can easily withstand any environmental elements, including rain, snow, and UV rays.
  • Low Maintenance: Typically, a regular aluminum deck railing system necessitates minimum maintenance tasks, such as repainting. But, if you choose powder coated aluminum railing, you’ll get a completely maintenance-free system that only needs occasional cleaning.
  • Great Aesthetics: Regardless of what others say, looks always mater. To help you show off your personality, aluminum deck railing comes in a variety of designs, colors and patterns that doesn't only match your aesthetic taste, but also blends seamlessly into your surroundings, giving you the opportunity to improve the overall appearance of your property.  
  • Low Cost: An aluminum deck railing system is much cheaper than wrought iron or steel. On the other side, although aluminum is more expensive than wood, it doesn’t require any of the costly and time-consuming maintenance tasks that a wood railing system needs regularly. As aluminum is quite affordable and implies one-time investment without additional costs and maintenance, it’s more advantageous than any other railing option.   

How Aluminum Compares

  • Aluminum versus Steel: Unlike steel that has to be repainted every few years, most aluminum deck railing systems available nowadays are powder coated, which gives them a superior long-lasting finish. Additionally, as steel is much heavier than aluminum, it’s quite difficult to transport and handle. Another essential point is that aluminum provides unparalleled flexibility during installation. Anyone can use a regular miter saw to cut an aluminum railings and make it fit any porch profile perfectly. Conversely, if you choose steel fencing, you need to have special grinders and cutting torches to make specific on-site adjustments. 
  • Aluminum versus Wood: One of the most important differences between these two railing options is that aluminum will not rot. If aluminum is properly powder coated, it does not require any maintenance at all during its life cycle. On the other side, wood does rot. For this reason, it has to be repainted every two years. Depending on where you live, you may also need to treat wooden railings with chemicals. Oppositely, aluminum doesn’t need any chemical treatment.   
  • Aluminum versus Vinyl: Another great quality of aluminum consists of its low expansion and shrinkage index. An aluminum railing system maintains its shape and dimension throughout extreme cold or heat. At the other end of the spectrum is vinyl, which can be severely affected by extreme temperatures, shrinking or expanding excessively. Frequent shrinkage and expansion can seriously deteriorate vinyl railings after only a few years of use. Furthermore, vinyl usually fades and even cracks due to UV radiation. Comparatively, UV rays have a minimal negative impact on powder coated aluminum, which maintains its beautiful color for a long period.

Given all these, there’s no wonder that aluminum railing has become one of the most popular deck railing alternatives you can find today. If you’ve already decided to use aluminum railings in your new project, take some time to check the wide variety of aluminum deck railing options that propose surprising designs and wonderful colors for a truly stunning appearance.