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Stunning Architectural Detail with Polyurethane Brackets and Corbels

It is true, the beauty is in the details. And detailed architectural styling can be achieved by adding decorative brackets or corbels to the exterior or interior of your home. Both of these architectural products are similar in appearance - and the terms are interchangeable. Architects and builders will also refer to these products by the descriptive name 'bracketed cornice'.

Today, installing ornamental brackets are a design technique which will add elegant distinction to a home or building. Traditionally, they were also a part of the building's structural support system - adding cantilevered support to beams, ceiling, shelves, and most commonly the roof overhang. Throughout history corbels have been used for both decorative and functional elements mounted beneath the roof eave of structures to reflect a unique architectural styling.

Design Applications for Architectural Brackets

You will find brackets on original Victorian architecture, Rena

issance Revival styles, Gothic Revival, and Italian home styles. Today, homes that fit these types of architectural styles are restored with roof overhang brackets that are authentic to original design styles. But, the beauty of architectural brackets are also being employed for all types of architecture, including cottage homes. In addition to under-eave decoration, brackets will also add a distinct elegance and architectural enhancement when used as interior and exterior design elements on the following:

Decorative garage doors
Under kitchen counter overhangs
Front door entrance way
Front porch decoration
Great room ceiling
Fireplace mantel support
Entertainment shelving support

As a decorative projection, brackets will add another dimension of style to your home. Modern and sleek brackets boast clean lines without detracting from contemporary home styles. More traditional brackets will boast exquisite scrollwork to simulate the craftsmanship and artistry of early stonecutters.

What to Consider When Specifying Brackets:

Size - A bracket may seem like a small thing, but it is truly one architectural featured that can change the personality of a home from a bare appearance to one that is graphically striking. Partner with an architectural brackets vendor that can supply a wide range of bracket sizes. This includes not only the bracket height which can range from under 10" to over 30". Also, having multiple choices of bracket widths and projections will offer architects and building contractors the flexibility needed to project the right image of a residence.

Style - Choosing the right style is crucial for a cohesive look that flows well with the style of your home and the image the homeowner wants to project. One style may add a simple decorative touch, while another style can add historical relevance to the home. In addition to brackets with clean lines and soft curves, options exist that feature original floral patterns, simulate elaborate hand carved corbels from the Craftsman era, or modern geometric designs such as basketweave and carved geometric shapes. Contemporary brackets feature a simple silhouette - without the bulk of traditional styles.

Material - Polyurethane architectural brackets emulate the warmth and beauty of wood, yet are low maintenance and durable. Homeowners never have to worry about repairs or replacement of polyurethane brackets due to insect destruction or rotting wood. The high density polyurethane material is engineered to weather outdoor conditions while maintaining a pristine appearance for many years.

Choose a manufacturer that pre-primes the brackets with a high quality exterior latex. This lays the perfect base for a final finish painting with any color choice that suits the home's exterior or interior decor. You will find crisp etching and precise detailing with PU brackets, for an appearance that is difficult to distinguish from real wood.

For a wide selection of size and style of polyurethane brackets for architectural home or building decoration, visit the Worthington Millwork website to view our extensive catalog.