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Spookalicious Aluminum Railings for Halloween!

Spookalicious and Fun Ways to Decorate Your Aluminum Railings for Halloween

Halloween is such a fun chance to decorate the exterior of your home. Did you know that Americans have been trick-or-treating for 100 years? It's a community-based holiday that allows children and adults to have safe fun together, out of doors in their neighborhoods. It's an American tradition!

Here at Worthington Millwork our pride is providing customers with high quality American-made aluminum railings, balustrades, cornices and brackets. We love our American traditions and one of our favorites is a good night of trick-or-treating on October 31st. We've put together a list of simple yet spooky ways you can decorate your exterior using our aluminum railings as a base.

Spooky Cobwebs are Cheap and Easy

It's so easy to make your aluminum railings look like a den of spiders! Just purchase some double-sided tape and poly-fill from your local department store or online. Kick it up a notch with some fake spiders of any size, from itsy-bitsy to giant arachnids! All in, this project will set you back $50.

Apply sections of the double sided tape to random parts of your aluminum railings. It's totally up to you how big you want your sections, you can use 3 inches of tape or 30. Once you've applied some tape stick the poly-fill to it and stretch the fluffy goodness from one section to another. KIDS LOVE TO GET INVOLVED WITH THIS! And it's so simple even toddlers can help out.

Once you've stretched the poly-fill all over your railings, just stick your spiders anywhere you want them to be. If you live in a very windy climate you might want to glue them into the poly-fill with some Superglue.

Cleanup will be easy too, just pull down your sections of tape. No need to worry about the paint on your aluminum railings from Worthington Millwork, they've been powder coated!

Halloween Light Strings

For a bigger investment get some Halloween light strings. It's the same concept as Christmas lights and you can choose from ghosts, pumpkins and all kinds of spooky critters. We love these creepy skeleton hand light strings in particular!

Decorating with light strings is super simple, just twist them around your aluminum railings. Don't wrap them around the railings near stairs however. Stairway safety is always key.

We're not going to beat around the bush here, light strings can get costly. Depending on how many you purchase you can expect to spent a solid $100 to do it right. The good news is that unlike poly-fill, you can probably reuse these lights for years to come (making them more cost effective over time).

Washable Glow-in-the-Dark Paint: Proceed With Caution!

Worthington Millwork aluminum railings are guaranteed to be durable. However, we have seen some blogs and advertising for washable exterior Halloween paints and we would advise you to PROCEED WITH CAUTION. So much caution, in fact, that we will not link them here. We are not encouraging you to use them in any way.

If your heart is totally set on decorating the exterior of your home with washable exterior Halloween paints in spooky colors it can be done. We would advise you to test the paint out for several days, outdoors, on something inconspicuous. In other words, don't trust inexpensive foreign made goods to be truly washable! Apply the paint to something outside and then see if it will truly wash off a few days later.

Have you found an exterior Halloween paint that is truly washable? Take some pictures and let us know. We'd love to hear about it!

Ultimately, Halloween is a wonderful American tradition. We are proud to serve American families with architectural products you can decorate and enjoy. Have a wonderful October and...