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Smart Places for Aluminum Railing in a Family Home

Aluminum Railing is one of the most versatile types of fencing available. Durable, attractive, and sturdy for such a lightweight material, aluminum makes a fantastic railing design for both indoor and outdoor rails. In a family home where there are small children, pets, and visiting grandchildren, aluminum railing is an incredibly smart investment and not just around balconies and decks.

There are many ways that a family can put aluminum railing to incredibly good use that we are here to highlight today.

Around the Porch, Deck, or Patio

The most popular place for aluminum railing is to provide safety and a cool welcoming design for your raised porch, deck, or patio. Many homes have a porch that spans the front of the house or wraps all the way around. This outdoor family space is a great place to spend time in the shade enjoying your backyard or watching the neighborhood. Children play here, adults relax here, and the right aluminum railing can serve as both decoration and a way to prevent accidental trips or falls.

Up and Down the Stairs

Every stairway needs a railing, and some much more than others. Indoor stairs lined with walls on both sides may simply need a hand rail. But if you have indoor or outdoor stairs with one side open to the air, a railing is essential for both safety and aesthetics. Two sides exposed, as can happen more often with outdoor stairs, and a railing system is absolutely necessary. Aluminum railing offers the versatility, sleek design, and long-lasting quality you need to keep your stairs safe.

At the Stair Landing

For families with pets and small children, railings at the landings of stairs is more important than ever. Aluminum railing can prevent falls and make your stair landings look great from a distance. They can also become the optimal secure basis for small built-in or added baby gates which can prevent children and pets from accessing the stairs if this is potentially dangerous.

Around the Pool

Many families that have a pool or install one choose to do a little dynamic fencing around the pool area. An aluminum fence around your pool can keep children safe and away from unplanned recreational swimming while still allowing them to play unsupervised when in your secure backyard. The pool fence gives you something to lounge against during summer lounging-in-the-sun season and keeps your pool safe during the rest of the year. Aluminum pool area fencing also gives your backyard a dynamically designed look for enjoyment all year long.

To Create a Dog Run

Families with wide-open backyards can put aluminum fencing to use by squaring off a dog run for the furry members of the family. A dog run is a designated and fenced area of yard where the dogs can run and play freely without interfering with other aspects of backyard activity. A dog run can allow you to hold backyard parties with guests that your dogs can be involved in without the dogs directly running through the patio and jumping on guests. Dog runs are also sometimes used when the greater yard is less secure for pet containment while still giving the dogs a fun place to play and romp in view of their favorite humans.

Lining Any Balcony

We'll wrap these suggestions up naturally with balconies. If your home features any balcony, big or small, aluminum railing is a fantastic choice for securing the edge. Balcony railing is essential for safety but it is also an important part of your home's aesthetic. The look of your balcony railing will influence how your home looks from a distance from any angle. And aluminum railing looks great coordinated with a home's style.