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Simple Fiberglass Column Flashlight Test

Polyurethane is the original material used in making the capitals and bases with the launching of the fiberglass column in the early 1990’s, and is still used today by some manufactures. Until recently, there has been little innovation to the product itself to make it more durable. Polyurethane, by design, is a foam with a density similar to a pine wood. This foam can be made very dense but not without a cost. It can also be made with a Class A fire rated urethane to ensure that it will pass building requirements and subdue additional safety concerns in the event of a fire, but again at a much higher price. Thus, the need for a much more durable capital and base were demanded, and then came the introduction of a fiberglass capital and base system. Worthington has made available the fiberglass capital and base as a standard part of all WorthingtonCast™ fiberglass columns to ensure that our clients receive a truly “all fiberglass” product. This makes our column the most durable and highest quality fiberglass column on the market today.

4 Important Questions To Ask a Fiberglass Column supplier that MUST be answered with a definitive “YES!”

Q. Are your fiberglass columns, capitals, and bases made of a fiberglass cast product?
A. Yes. This is the only way you are ensured to receive a true 100% fiberglass column.

Q. Are your capitals and bases Made in America?
A. Yes. You are receiving a REAL authentic architectural product that is made with
the best materials on the market and monitored by an in-house quality control department. No cutting corners or knockoffs!

Q. Do you offer a lifetime warranty on all components of your fiberglass column?
A. Yes. This is the only way to ensure that the columns you are receiving are going to endure the test of time and “the human element.”

Q. Do all of the components of your fiberglass column have a Class A Fire Rating?
A. Yes. This is very important to ensure that the columns you are ordering are safe in the event of a fire. The class A fire rating and smoke density are low, which not only reduces the amount of smoke that is created when the product burns, but it also slows the burn time of the material that the columns are manufactured from.