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Polyurethane Brackets And Corbels - The Difference & How To Use Them

Polyurethane brackets and corbels add style and elegance

Polyurethane brackets and corbels are both used for the same purpose; that is for decoration. Polyurethane brackets and corbels are not load bearing so they should not be used to hold weight. However they are extremely popular and have many different uses. You can typically use them on any style house or building and they can be painted whatever color you would like!

Corbels are defined as, “A bracket of stone, wood, brick, or other building material, projecting from the face of a wall and generally used to support a cornice or arch." [credit]

Polyurethane corbels that are used on large buildings give the appearance that they are supporting the cornice/soffit, however this is not the case in polyurethane materials since they are made to only be decorative and non load bearing.

Corbels are typically used on large commercial jobs, but you can also use them under a kitchen island or whatever your creativity will allow.

Brackets are defined as A decorative or weight-bearing structural unit, two sides of which form a right angle with one arm flush against a wall and the other flush beneath a projecting surface, such as eaves or a bay window.” [credit]

Now, Brackets are much more versatile since you can just about use them anywhere and can get them in nearly every size! See a few example of uses below.

Used for window treatments.

Used as a bracket sconce.

Your typical in home bracket application.

Used as book ends.

You can use polyurethane brackets however you would like and there are simply a million things you could do with them. It is all up to how creative you are. One easy way to use brackets is to make a shelf. Simply put two shutters together and glue the brackets in with a product called PL Premium. This is a quick and easy shelf without using any tools at all!

Luckily neither brackets or corbels are very expensive. You can find them online or in stores. Browse around at some of the brackets we offer to get a good idea of what price you will be looking at. You can also usually get a really good deal if you buy in large quantities!