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Non-Tapered Fiberglass Column Installation near Atlanta, GA

Our WorthingtonCast™ fiberglass columns were originally selected for the New Community Bank and Trust project to be used on the drive-thru in Clarkesville, GA.

Fifteen fiberglass columns that were 16” x 10’ Plain Round tapered columns with Tuscan capital and base were specified for the bank’s new drive-thru. However, during the submittal process it was noted by the general contractor that the structural support beams that were to be surrounded by the columns were 12” x 8” square. This rectangular design has a diagonal measurement of 14-3/8” and the originally specified tapered cast fiberglass column would not surround the structural steel posts. Since the frame work of the building had been completed the structural posts could not be removed and replaced with a smaller structural post. At this point we advised the Contractor to change the material of the column to the WorthingtonWound™ fiberglass column. This fiberglass material is much thinner than the cast fiberglass column counterpart and would allow the same structural post to be surrounded with a column diameter of the same size.

Tuscan capital and bases were still used to maintain the design of the architect’s intent. However, the straight non- tapered column shafts surrounded the steel beam properly from base to capital and were easily installed around the 8” x 12” square structural post. Cosmetically, after being painted, the cast fiberglass column and the wound fiberglass column look the same.

When using fiberglass columns to surround structural support posts it is always important to know the capabilities and parameters of the interior clearances of the fiberglass columns you have selected.

If you have any questions concerning how fiberglass columns are to go around a structural support or what the interior clearance of the structural support is please make sure that you contact an architectural specialist before ordering.