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Must Haves For a Polyurethane Balustrade System

Polyurethan balustrades are strong and lightweight

1. Prepainted balustrade with 10 year guarantee

When you receive a prepainted balustrade system it should come to you from the factory already prepainted. It is very important to know that it is not a primer that is applied to our balustrade system, it is an actual top coat of paint. The top coat that we provide has a 10 year guarantee. The paint comes with a sheen to it also. This saves you time and money on labor cost to have someone do this for you.


2. Lifetime warranty on product

When you purchase a polyurethane balustrade system make sure it has a limited lifetime warranty on the product. Most companies offer only a 1-3 year warranty.


3. Aluminum pipe inside baluster

The polyurethane baluster in the balustrade system should contain an aluminum pipe that runs down the center. This material does not rust so it ensures it will last a lifetime. Other companies may use a galvanized steel which can rust. They may also use a PVC pipe, these methods are used to save on manufacturing costs.


4. Stainless steel hardware for newel kits

The hardware that comes with the newel post that you order should be stainless steel and no other material. You want to make sure you are getting the best quality material for your porch so that you never have to replace it again.


5. Powder coated aluminum rail kits

Rail kits attach your top rail and bottom rail to the newel post or columns. Make sure they are powder coated aluminum. This powder coating matches your balustrade. Galvanized steel can rust so you want to avoid this.


6. Testing by a 3rd party facility to current building codes

One of the last considerations you want to make before purchasing a balustrade system is to make sure it is tested to the most current building codes. If it is not tested it could potentially fail inspection and you may have to rip it out. It is crucial that you go with a company that understands these codes and testing reports. You can request our testing reports anytime.