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Introducing The New Column Builder Tool

We are always trying to improve a users online experience. For the longest time we had a simple 3 step column builder that just had basic option to select. You were really only able to select your capital, shaft, and base. This was definitely simple and easy to use, but it just wasn't very detailed enough for our savvy web visitor's. Thanks to your feedback, we made some big changes!

So, what did we do? We changed the entire layout and design of this column builder tool. Now you can choose your material, select your colors and wood species, build an aluminum column, select tapered or non tapered shafts, and plenty more.

Step 1 - Select Your Column Style

There are 4 different styles to choose from. each one has different materials that you can select. The square tapered is a custom column and we do not currently have any options the you can select for this column.

Step 2 - Select Your Material

For this step you will select your material that you would like your column to come in. Each column style has slightly different material selections. If you need help choosing column material check out our column material guide.

Step 3 - Choose your column specifications

In the third step, you will select your capital, shaft, and base. You have several different decorative capitals to choose from. You can also select whether you want you column plain or fluted. Below the bases you will have the option to select your size, split plan, and color or wood species depending on your material that you chose.

Step 4 - Overview & Submission

This is the last and final step before you submit for an estimate. Look over everything and make sure it looks correct. You can find helpful information under the helpful links section before submitting your request if you would like. Also available are CAD drawings if you need them. Simply fill in your information and submit the form and you are on your way to getting a price!