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Increase Your Home's Resale Value with these Home Improvement Projects

Resale value is something that can always be improved about a home. For whatever price you purchased the house, there are a near-infinite number of ways to increase the amount you can ask for when you finally resell it. Perhaps you are transitioning to a new family home, selling an inherited home, or getting into the home-flipping business. Or perhaps you're simply thinking about making improvements that will eventually be valuable choices.

Whatever the reason, homeowners have a great opportunity to turn their home improvement projects and desire to make little upgrades into serious profits. The resale value of your home is a wonderful thing to increase casually over time or in a focused and goal-oriented way. So today, we bring you five interesting different home projects that will all make your home more attractive and potentially sell for a higher resale price in the future.

Replace the Molding When You Repaint the Walls

When refreshing a home you live in or preparing any home for sale, repainting the walls is an important step. A simple fresh coat of paint, expertly applied, can make a house look and feel like new again no matter how old it is. One of the tricks of the trade is to remove the molding from the bottom and top of the wall before applying the paint. Then, when the paint is dry, return the molding so that the paint color makes a smooth transition behind the alternate color of the trim.

Want to make your home even more attractive? Use this opportunity to replace the old molding with new polyurethane molding which is less likely to decay, lose color, or wear away like traditional wood moldings. Simply buy new molding while you repaint and attach it instead of the molding you removed when the paint is dry. You can even use this opportunity to paint the new molding your favorite trim color.

Set Central Light Fixtures Into Molding Medallions 

Ceiling medallions are something that most people associate with incredibly upscale homes, but you don't have to conform to that limitation. Ceiling medallions are, like the wall molding, often made of lightweight polyurethane and therefore easy to mount and incredibly durable. By installing ceiling medallions around the stalk of a central light fixture, you subtly add a sense of opulence to the entire house. Do this with one room to make a strong visual impression or several rooms artistically to show how valuable and elegant the home truly is.

Install a New Balustrade System on the Front Porch

Front porch railings are often made of the same type of wood as the porch deck itself. This can be lovely at first, but over time wooden porch railings can rot, wear away, and begin to slouch dangerously. Balustrade systems don't have this problem, especially when made of modern non-wood construction materials so that there is never a loose nail that has burrowed itself into a post. 

A new balustrade system for the front porch can be essential to reinventing your curb-appeal by changing the shape and impression of the porch itself. While also adding an advanced layer of safety, ensuring that your family and your future buyers will have a secure and enjoyable time on that porch leaning and setting drinks down to your heart's content.

Wrap the Porch Posts with Fiberglass Columns

Balustrade systems also give you a great excuse to incorporate another curb-appeal-transforming change in the form of fiberglass columns. Columns don't need to be built in from scratch, they can be installed to encase the original posts holding up the porch roof. When integrated with a new balustrade system, your home's front porch will look spectacular and the transformed curb appeal is very likely to see your final resale price on the rise.

Accent Inverted Corners with Decorative Brackets

Finally, you can use brackets to add a touch of class to every corner. The eaves where the roof overhangs the porch and garage, for example, might look amazing with decorative brackets adorning the inverted corners. Some people use them to support the bar surface of a kitchen island, others us them for upper shelves that are integral to the home. Any time you have an inverted corner, a decorative bracket could be used to subtly add a touch of texture and class to the home. Buyers won't even know why the house feels so much nicer than others of the same style and floorplan. But you will.


Home improvement projects that enhance your resale price are, by definition, the most valuable. And if you love the look and feel of the home as you make the improvements, all the better. Contact Worthington Millworks today to consult on exactly the right assets to enhance your home both today and to boost your eventual resale price when you decide to sell.