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Incorporating Millwork Into 5 Classic American Architectural Designs

From contemporary designs with bold, geometric shapes to the tried-and-true simplicity of a Cape Cod, every home can benefit from detailed, professional craftsmanship. If you've ever thought of enhancing your home's curb appeal or adding an elegant aspect to your interior decorating, you might want to consider polyurethane millwork.

Here's a look at how some of the most popular American design styles could use millwork to enhance their look and highlight what makes them unique:

The Classic Cape Cod Design: Interior Moldings add Sophistication

The Cape Cod style was originally designed by colonists in America, making it one of the most distinctly American architectural styles. Characterized by a fairly simple and symmetrical layout, these houses feature a pitched roof, and a central front door. With their sloped ceilings in the upstairs rooms, many describe Cape Cod houses as cozy and warm - perfect for those New England winters.

Cape Cods are known for their simplicity and relatively unadorned look, so the classic look of a simple indoor molding speaks to these houses' designs. When checking out moldings, go for silhouettes that complement a more laid back feel, rather than gravitating towards anything overly ornate. Choosing a simple yet elegant crown molding can enhance a Cape Cod style while still allowing it to retain its charm.

The American Craftsman: Brackets to Highlight the Porch

American Craftsman houses are quintessentially American, tracing their origins to the early 1900s in Southern California. Usually made of stone or wood, classic bungalows often have wide, deep porches and low eaves.

If you're looking to add style and sophistication to your Craftsman style house, look no further than your front porch. Elegant brackets can add elements of charm and sophistication to your already beautiful front porch. Adding outdoor millwork does volumes for a house's curb appeal and adds just the right element of upscale detail to the sturdy American Craftsman.

Traditional ranch: Focus on Highlighting Shutters

Originating in 1930s California, traditional ranches are one story. Often favored by families with young children or families that would prefer to keep all of their activities of daily living to one level of the house, they are usually not showy homes.

Although ranches are generally known for their simplicity, carefully chosen shutters can really help emphasize this house's major selling points. Because there's just not as much ornamentation on your general ranch, a classic white shutter against can really be a lovely and elevating touch. Make sure you choose shutters that are resistant to decay and mold, and will stand up to the elements.

Mid-century Modern: Accentuate Windows

This Mid-century modern design experienced an explosion of popularity between 1945 and the 1980s. These homes prioritize open space, lighting, and often work with large panes of glass. Inspired in part by famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright's designs, the Mid-century modern is light-filled and bright.

Simple and structured interior moldings really highlight lighting and space elements in Mid-century modern houses. With their emphasis on windows, you're really going to want to consider using a window head that will draw attention to one of the house's major features. Go for designs that will highlight but not overpower the window.

Contemporary style: Go bold and geometric with ceiling medallions

"Contemporary style" seems like it encompasses a lot, and it does. Think of it as the architecture of the 21st century. Although there is a huge variety in what constitutes a contemporary design, one attribute that many contemporary homes share is an emphasis on bold, geometric shapes in design.

If you're looking to elevate your contemporary space, consider ceiling medallions in bold and exciting shapes for your interior. Ceiling medallions offer a way to put a unique touch in a space without seeming ostentatious. Make sure it fits with your general decor, but don't be afraid to make a bold statement.

Whatever your home's design, trust American Made Architectural Products to help you elevate both the interior and exterior with polyurethane millwork. To talk to a professional about the best changes to make to your home, contact us at Worthington Millwork.