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If You Are Considering DIY, Consider Aluminum Railing First

Many of us have started, once or twice, to consider the do-it-yourself installation of a new or replacement railing system for a home, apartment, or other residential facility. If that never turned into a definite plan and project, for you, it is very understandable.

Google "DIY railing installation" and the odds favor your seeing a blog or article on how to choose, plan, design, and build wooden railings. With a dozen or more illustrations. For the resolute do-if-yourselfer, who actually seeks out projects because he has the tools and skills, building a wood railing system might be feasible. (Although I will point out, in a minute, that as a railing material wood has a lot of drawbacks easy to avoid by switching to say, aluminum.)

Not "Design and Build," Just Install

But for the homeowner, landlord, or manager considering, not a hobby project, but getting the job done in an economical way, many DYI projects for wood railings give pause. They involve choosing a design, deciding measurements for all parts, choosing and picking-up the wood, and then cutting it, using some fastening system, probably sanding, and choosing and applying a finish.

Great feeling, perhaps, for the true DYI guy. But to get the job done with the least hassle, investment of time, and cost?  There is a much, much better alternative: installation of a railing system that arrives meeting your specification, comes with all necessary parts and connections, is notably easy to install, and is already beautifully and durably finished in whatever color you choose. In fact, your Worthington Millwork aluminum railing arrives as a kit. You focus entirely on installation—as do the easy-to-follow directions.

You and your spouse, tenant, or business partner already have chosen from among distinctive, elegant styles of sturdy, lightweight aluminum. You have specified the size, chosen a color for the remarkably non-corrosive, non-rusting, all-weather aluminum-based paint. Guaranteed you will get the job done--and that is hardly the only advantage.

Aluminum versus wood? The choice is clear.

Wood railings can be attractive, certainly, and strong at least when they are new. And wood enables you to design your own system from scratch. If well waterproofed and painted, and regularly maintained—depending upon the climate—wood can last for some years.

For comparison, though, your aluminum railing system is lighter weight and so easier to handle when installing. It is manufactured with precision so every connector goes in the right place. Aluminum can be much more open-looking with its compact strength and it looks strong, too. Because it does not corrode, it is far less likely to become loose and shaky as so many older wooden railings unfortunately do.

Maintenance, once or twice a year, does not involve replacing wood beginning to rot or resealing and repainting the entire railing. For aluminum with super-durable, powder-coat paint in high-gloss colors, annual spraying with a garden hose often is enough. And your system, of course, comes with a warranty.

Go ahead, we'll help

So take another look at the economics of DYI railing installation for your porch, deck, stairs, or balcony by checking out the truly surprising benefits and ease of an aluminum railing installation kit delivered to your worksite.

We are betting you will go ahead with the project, this time.

If you do, we're here to help you as we have been for more than three decades, serving builders nationwide. We are dedicated to delivering superior customer service, offering excellent lead-time on your order, and providing a wide range of American-made products to fit almost any project. Check out our website, now, and call when you are ready to start.