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Ideas On How to Add Crown Molding To Your Next Project

Crown molding is a versatile architectural tool when it comes to room design. From bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and even bathrooms, a little crown molding can go a long way to add a touch of elegance and style to any room. 

Starting at the Top

Crown molding is probably most associated with ceilings because it is often used as trim where the ceiling meets the wall. The beauty of crown molding is that its use can go beyond simple trim. Crown molding helps create volume for a room with a low ceiling and adds unique visual appeal when used as a "bump-out." What makes crown molding even more appealing is the variety of designs available, making it an inexpensive way to add clean or decorative lines to your room.

Beautiful Built-Ins

Whether you have an old house with an established built-in or a new house with this beautiful feature, why not highlight it with crown molding? The right crown molding easily transforms any built-in into the focal point of a room.

Connecting Kitchen Cabinets

While crown molding is an obvious choice for creating a connection between the top of kitchen cabinets and the ceiling, consider using it along the bottom of the cabinets too. Create this unique look by adding an intricate back bend at the bottom of the crown molding’s flat casing. The result enhances the cabinetry by blending the top and bottom molding elements.

Create an Old Look with New Crown Molding

Crown molding is a useful tool for creating an older look to a room without giving up modern conveniences. A jet tub in a bathroom is perhaps the best example of this use of crown molding. Adding crown molding to the exterior of the tub creates an old-fashioned look while hiding the modern tub.

Focus on Part of the Room

Crown molding doesn't have to encompass an entire room. A great example for use in just part of a room is adding crown molding to window tops or around French doors. Crown molding around windows help highlight drapery or can simply create a basic yet elegant look. Entryways into rooms are another way to use crown molding in a way that highlights a unique archway or doorway.

From Touch-Up to Cover-Up

Not only does crown molding provide an inexpensive and attractive way to touch-up a room, it is also a helpful cover-up tool. Steel beams or other unsightly items can remain in place with a crown molding cover-up. If some type of home element is distracting your favorite room's appeal, yet it provides an important function, then consider hiding it in plain sight with crown molding.

Consider Corner Blocks

Corner blocks are in fact decorative blocks you place in the corners of your crown molding. Ceilings are the typical places you find corner blocks. The simple but decorative touch is an easy way to add a little pizazz to your crown molding.

Baseboard and Chair Rail

Crown molding helps to divide a wall horizontally by creating a visual line when used as a chair rail. It also has value for use as baseboard. Both uses demonstrate the need to think beyond-the-ceiling when it comes to crown molding.

Worthington Has You Covered

At Worthington, we make it easy to shop for crown molding. Our online store showcases our diverse offerings of a variety of architectural products. We take great pride in our American made products and we serve thousands of customers nationwide. If you have questions regarding crown molding or any type of architectural product, contact us. Our professional and friendly staff will help navigate you through the right options for your next project.