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How to Spruce Up Your Patio for Summertime Fun

At last the weather is warming up, the plants are springing to life and the sun is beckoning us outside. It may still be drizzling on occasion, but we know our gardens will be getting some heavy use in the next few months. To help you make the most of your outdoor space this summer, here are six simple ways (that won’t break the budget) to ensure that you’re ready.

6. Add a touch of whimsy. Get creative and try hanging a group or mirrors in fancy frames on a wall or fence. The mirrors will create an optical illusion and make the garden seem larger than it really is. The eye is tricked into thinking there’s more to see just around the corner or on the other side of the wall. The fun frames will add a unique touch and make the space all the more inviting. Who wouldn’t want to spend a sunny afternoon here?

Caution: Outdoor mirrors should be reserved for small patios and avoided in open areas that could attract flying birds.


Courtney Olander

Houzz Contributor