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How to Prepare the Exterior of Your Home for Hard Winter

The holiday season is upon us, and cold weather is setting in across the country. Now is the time to make one final pass around the exterior of your property to make sure your home will be safe and accessible all winter. Organize unheated garages and sheds to prepare for the damage that freezing temperatures can cause. You’ll be ready for winter, and spring will be that much better when you go looking for that spade shovel and don’t find a nasty surprise instead. Here’s what to do.
Outdoor Home Prep to Do Before Hard Winter Hits

Bird Baths and Other Water Features
When the mosquito threat abated, you may have relaxed about standing water, but freezing temperatures are a good reason to do another once-over.

What to do: Any birdbath, bucket, kiddie pool or chiminea that collects water can be damaged when that water freezes, so turn items over or cover them up.




Kenny Grono
Houzz Contributor. Owner of Buckminster Green LLC, (, a remodeling company based in Philadelphia, PA.
Architectural Details
Luckily, things such as architectural columns, corbels or brackets, louvers, and balustrade systems are all good to go and do not require anything when winter rolls around.