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How To Measure For Window Arches

1. Determine whether the arch is a segment arch or a half circle arch. 

2. Determine the radius required for the arch by either measuring the diameter and the rise needed or by making a template. NOTE: In a true half circle arch, the rise or radius will be one half of the diameter. 

3. Decide which profile you would like to use from our shopping site and whether you want the moulding to surround the entire window or just frame the arch. Shoes are also provided with each arch as a “transition” from curved to straight moulding.

4. When installing your arch locate both the center point of your window and the center point of your arch. This will be the point from where you align the center point of your arch to the center point of your window. Worthingtons arches are supplied with a nominal 3” extension, which will need to be cut on the job site. Using a level make sure the flats of the bottom of the arch are level on both sides. This is important as you may want to add matching moulding around your window.  Use our adhesive on the back of the arch and also where it may be butted into the matching straight moulding or shoes. Wipe off any excess adhesive. 

5. NOTE: Larger arches may be shipped in two pieces due to size and may require a keystone in order to hide the joining seam.