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How to Make your Deck Winter-Ready

Is your deck winter ready? Probably not, and we are not surprised. With much to take care of before the first frost, your deck is probably the least of your worries. But it should be. The short snowy days and longer extra cold nights of winter can leave severe damage to your deck, patio, or porch. This is notably worse if you live in an area with harsh winters. So, as much as all you want to do is stay indoors and snuggle up, it's essential you prepare your deck for winter.

Preparing your Deck or Patio for Winter

Luckily, making your deck for winter won't take much, and with the tips below, it becomes even easier

1. Inspect It

Before you do anything else on your deck or patio, first inspect it to see whether there is any damage that you may not have noticed. Check the deck surface to see whether there is localized board damage. While at it, keep in mind that damaged boards aren't the same as warped damage. So also be on the lookout for the mentioned.

To check for deck surface damage, walk across it and pay close attention to how strong it feels. For instance, are the boards sturdy, or do they feel spongy? If yes, then that's a sign of localized damage. If you feel a creak and see a crack, then you have a weathered board.

Also, ensure you check the deck railings. If one of the railings can wiggle or is wobbly, then you need to change it. Additionally, check where the deck meets the railing, and if it isn't holding well, then you need to have a professional check the deck as this indicates wood damage.

2. Repair the Damaged or Weathered Boards

Water dripping on the same spot often causes localized damage on the boards, and as a result, causes mildew, which in turn results in rotting decking boards. If, during your inspection, you noticed such damage, then have it repaired. If only a few boards are damaged, then it's something you can fix yourself if you are a handy person. But if they are many, consider calling an expert. The same applies to weathered decking boards.

3. Replace the Deck Railing

If one of the railings can wiggle back and forth, then it's a sign the other railings are headed in the same direction. Keep in mind that while the deck surface is essential, the railing is even more critical as it plays a protective role. Therefore, if any of the railings is wobbly, the rest of it needs to come down.

But don't just replace it with any material you come across. Consider using a more durable material like aluminum.

Aluminum railings are often more durable, stronger, and require little to no maintenance. Also, when you consider the weather conditions around the corner, American-grade aluminum railings are a wiser choice as they do not cave in to the pressure of harsh weather.

Therefore, when spring is here, your aluminum deck railings will still be as good as new. Furthermore, aluminum railings are highly customizable and flexible. So if you've always wanted the sleek and unobstructed look of glass but at the same time want durability, then an aluminum and glass railing system is your answer.

4. Don't Forget to Seal the Deck Surface

Repairing board damage is beneficial but not enough. Once the aluminum railing installation process is over, then your next stop should be at sealing the decking surface. This will prevent moisture penetration and as a result, keep problems such as warping and rotting at bay. That way, you'll have saved yourself from the costs of board replacement.

5. Make it Cozy

Just because it's cold during winter doesn't mean you can't sit out with a hot cup of chocolate and enjoy watching the snow fall. That said, consider adding more life to it. For instance, you could have a fire pit installed to warm up the deck for lazy lounging during those days when the weather isn't so harsh.  Alternatively, a hot tub is yet another incredible way to make your deck cozy during the winter.


As you can see, preparing your deck for winter isn't that hard. It's a task you can finish up in a day if done right and using the right materials can serve you through many seasons. Speaking of materials, hit us up today for high quality, American-made aluminum railings if your deck railing requires replacement for winter.