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How To Join Split Fiberglass Columns

There are many reason that someone may want to use split columns. These columns are for decoration purposes only. Any pole that you may not like (maybe on your porch or in your basement) column wraps can certainly make them beautiful to look at.

The Split Kit includes everything needed to install a split column. Columns that are split to surround a structural support should be installed similarly to un-split columns. However, the following procedures should be followed when putting the split halves back together:

  1. Split columns are shipped from the factory with matching halves wrapped together. Keep the column halves together as packaged and mark the column halves by set numbers so that they cannot be mismatched. It is important to reassemble split halves as soon as possible after shipping. We do not recommend storing for an extended amount of time. Make sure column halves match before applying bonding adhesive. Level and check your measurements, and then install split halves around the structural support.
  2. Rejoin the shaft using a high quality, exterior, waterproof, construction adhesive suitable for fiberglass columns. Surfaces must be clean and dry prior to applying adhesive. Follow adhesive manufacturer’s instructions concerning use within temperature ranges and working time for best results.
  3. Align halves around the post or structural support and join together. Clamp and tighten uniformly until adhesive sets. (Alternatively, nylon reinforced tape wrapped very tightly around the column can be used.) The compression should be applied approximately every 12” along the length of the shaft.
  4. Place aluminum plates across split at top and bottom of shaft. Mark and pre-drill holes using a 7/64” bit.
  5. Screw down one side of aluminum plate and then the other side of the plate. The aluminum plates will bend around the shaft. This step should be done for all plates.
  6. After adhesive cures, remove the clamps, straps, or tape. Rough sand with 80 grit and finish sand with 120 grit or finger sandpaper.
  7. Rejoin and attach the caps and base/ plinths with the same adhesive.
  8. A Fiberglass boat repair kit or “Bondo” may be used as a filler. Follow the instructions on the package.

Suggested Adhesives: CX-918, OSI Quickbond Multi-Purpose Adhesive, Macklandburg-Duncan Contractor’s Choice Multi-Purpose Adhesive, 3M-5200 Adhesive, PL-400, Titebond, Maxbond, or Akemi APF7