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How to Install Moulding

How to install moulding
1. Install mouldings on a solid backing with studs or joists 16" on center or less. NOTE: Large profiles require additional blocking.

2. Mark the distance on the wall to be covered by the first piece of moulding. Oversize and cut the moulding, adding 1/8" for every 5 feet of moulding required. Exqample: If the distance to be covered is 15', cut your moulding at 15' 3/8".

3. Run a bead of urethane adhesive along the top and bottom edge of the moulding where it will meet the backing.

4. Using galvanized screws, fasten one end of the moulding at your starting point. Pull the center of the moulding away from the wall, which will draw the free end of the moulding back to the 15' mark. Secure the free end of the moulding at the mark.

5. Push the center of the moulding flat to the surface. The moulding should snap into place. Secure with galvanized screws, 16" on the center or less. If the moulding does not push flat, you need to unfasten one end and re-secure the moulding approximately 1/8" past your 15' mark.

6. For continuous long runs for mouldings.

A. Install the first piece using the procedure above.

B. For the second piece, follow steps 1 - 3.

C. Step 4 (above) anchors the end of the moulding on your mark. Then apply urethane adhesive to the end of the first piece, this will adjoin the next piece of moulding.

D. Butt the free end of the moulding to your first piece and follow step 5 to secure in place.