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How To Install Decorative Capitals & Split Capitals

Installing decorative capitals can sometimes be confusing unless you have a handy guide like this! Get a quick detailed explanation of how to install these beautiful capitals perfectly!


The capitals should be primed and painted with two coats of oil or alkyd paint immediately. If the capitals are allowed to get wet before painting the warranty is void.
All columns used with decorative capitals should be installed so that the capital rests on the bead or astragal molding. Cutting the column flush at the top of the bead may be necessary before installing the capital. If DuraWound fiberglass columns are being used, please contact Worthington for recommendations.
The capital can be anchored to the soffit by pre-drilling and using a toenailing attachment. Make sure to use rustproof screws and to seal with a waterproof silicon caulk.
Center the decorative capital on top of the shaft and drill four pilot holes from the column through the base of the capital. Secure with countersunk rustproof screws ion all sides of the cap and then seal with a waterproof silicon caulk. (If a wood plug is supplied with the cap, first place the wood plug on top of the shaft and check the plug for level. Secure in place with rustproof screws. Position capital over plug. Pre-drill through the capital into the plug.) Make sure to paint the wood plug before installing capital. Caulk the area where the capital will meet the shaft. Capitals used with Fiberglass columns may have a lip extension on the bottom of the cap. This should fit inside the op of the shaft. The lip helps align the capital on the column
For exterior use, attach flashing to the top of the capital, making sure adequate ventilation is maintained at all times for wood columns only. It is imperative that the flashing does not block the hole in the capital. Ventilation is not required for Fiberglass columns.


Apply a two-part epoxy and join the two halves together.
Use strapping to hold the capitals together while the epoxy is curing. After installation of column, flash the top of capital to the recessed soffit. Flashing should be applied to areas with weather exposure risk.