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How to Install a Polyurethane Newel Post in 6 Steps

Newel Kit Components:
Surface mounted plate
4 Mechanical fasteners (for concrete installation)
4 Lag screws (for wood installation)
All thread rod
C channel
1 nut (for all thread rod)
Lock washer (for all thread rod)
Washer (for all thread rod)

Newel Post Installation Steps:
Put surface mounted plate onto your deck, secure the plate with screws.
Next take the all thread rod and secure that into the surface mounted plate.
Take newel post and place it over the top of the all thread rod after you have recessed the top of the newel post with a router for the c-channel.
Take C channel and drop it down into the newel post so that it is flush.
Take the big washer and put it onto the all thread rod first, then the lock washer, then the nut to secure the c-channel.
Take adhesive (PL Premium) and place the adhesive along the edge of the newel cap once that is complete you can then place the newel cap onto the newel post.