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How to Have the Beauty of Wood Columns Without the Issues

roughsawn column
Wood columns can look stunning on a home. The look of natural wood brings out the beauty of any building. However, like every other wood product, wood columns need special treatment to make them long lasting. If you find wood columns to have too much maintenance, but still want the look, you are in luck.

A new product from Worthington Millwork gives you the beauty of wood columns without any of the issues. Roughsawn structural columns are designed to give a building the look and feel of natural wood without the irritation and upkeep of real wood.

Real wood will crack, split and the color will eventually start to fade. Our new product are structural columns that give the look and feel of real, rough sawn cedar. They are long lasting and will save you from having to replace your columns again in the near future.

8 Benefits of Roughsawn Columns
Available in several lengths from 8 to 12 feet
Made from Structural Fiberglass
Eliminates the Worry of Twisting, Splitting or Rotting
Can be Load Bearing
Weather and Bug Proof
Easily Installed
Limited Lifetime Warranty
Requires Low Maintenance

Rather than being made from a type of wood, Roughsawn structural columns are made of a special type of fiberglass. Fiberglass is a reinforced plastic material composed of glass fibers embedded in a resign matrix.

This is what makes the product weather proof and bug proof. Wood columns should be stained regularly and properly treated in order to be left outside for a long period of time. The wood will also attract termites, carpenter ants and other pests.

Best Uses for Roughsawn Columns

Are you in the process of building a ranch style home or a colonial style? Roughsawn columns look great on the interior or the exterior of any home. They are load bearing, which means they can be used to support an interior wall or an exterior patio. These columns look great with a stone around the bottom, or they can be smooth from the top to the bottom.

They can also be stained or painted to match any color or style that you want for your house. These columns are easily installed, and they come with easy installation instructions and finishing instructions.

Combine the Look of Roughsawn Columns with Other Roughsawn Worthington Products

Worthington Millwork has a complete line of Roughsawn products that pair nicely with our Roughsawn columns. These products offer a distinctive elegance that will give your project with a unique curb appeal. Worthington Millwork carries rustic shutters, trims, braces and more.

You can have your rustic products in different shades of wood including natural, burnt umber, western brown and vandyke brown.

Wood panels and wood beams can be added to the ceiling of your home to help tie the rustic features together.

Worthington Millwork’s Roughsawn products were designed to give your home or building a warm, rustic feel.