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How to Enhance Your Backyard Gazebo Design

A backyard gazebo is a wonderful thing to have. Whether you are planning to build one or have an old gazebo already waiting to be renovated, these structures provide a place for adults to enjoy the shade and a prop for endless children's games pretend in the backyard. Of course, the standard backyard gazebo design may not be outbuilding of your dreams. If you're thinking of turning your back yard into a mystical garden, a place of meditation, or a great place to host your friends for parties, then enhancing that gazebo is a great place to start.

Gazebos are essentially artistic open-air cabins which mean there are so many different things you can do to improve it without even closing in the sides. Let's dive right into a few of our favorite ways to enhance a backyard gazebo for both beauty and functionality.

String Electricity Out for Powered Lights and Amenities

One of the first things you can do is run an extension cable (safely) out to the gazebo to give it the ability to support electric lights and handy outdoor appliances. One of the best ways to do this is to bury the cable at least six inches to a foot under the ground (and remember where it is, then bring the unburied end up along the side or even cut a small hole in the gazebo floor to give yourself an outlet. F

From here, you can attach a string of electric lights to line along the outer edge of your gazebo roof to make it glitter in the nighttime and feel like a great place to party. That same cable can also power things like hot plate or a sound system to truly enhance your outdoor fun.

Columns Instead of Plain Wooden Posts

Another fantastic way to enhance your gazebo is with split fiberglass columns. You see, elegant fiberglass columns come in two halves, split down the center hot-dog style. This allows them to snap around existing wooden support posts, protecting the post and significantly improving the visual design of a porch, gazebo, or even an exposed support beam in a home.

So you can absolutely use this trick for your backyard gazebo, transforming those plain old posts with elegantly decorative columns. This will make your gazebo look more Classical in design, which can enhance the style and tranquility of your garden.

An Ornate Balustrade System

If you have an older gazebo, chances are that it has already wobbly wooden railings around the edge. A great upgrade to make is a brand new balustrade system. A balustrade system is a railing type where the central upright posts are formed in the shape of opening flower buds. You've no doubt seen balustrades on upscale homes and resort hotels, but they're remarkably affordable and beautiful to add to aspects of your own home as an upgrade. A balustrade system is also much sturdier than traditional railings and can improve both the safety and the appearance of your backyard gazebo.

Polyurethane Molding Decorating the Rooftop Edge

Looking for a little special style and flair? You can even decorate the top edge of your gazebo roof with either straight lined or intricate beautiful polyurethane molding. Polyurethane molding adds texture, shape, and style to the top edge of a roof, usually in the form of tiered ridges. You can significantly change the impression that the shape of your gazebo's roof gives from a distance by adding decorative molding to match the new style of your columns and balustrades.

Rebuild the Steps for Sturdiness and Style

Are the steps of your backyard gazebo as old and wobbly as the railings? This is quite common with all-wood constructions. One very smart improvement to make is to rebuild your gazebo steps in concrete for solid steps or aluminum for lightweight 'floating' steps up to the gazebo's floor level. Combined with a balustrade railing or even a sleek aluminum railing, you can make the path into your gazebo as appealing as the structure itself


Is that old gazebo crying out for a new design to refresh it in your backyard? Are you planning to build a new gazebo that needs style and flair? Our team here at Worthington Millworks can help you choose the perfect features to make your backyard gazebo into the perfect accessory to your home. Contact us today to find out more!