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How to Correctly Cut Fiberglass Columns

round column cut plans

Fiberglass columns are used in interior and exterior building applications,
and can be custom cut to size to fit your project design. Have a question? Get answers from an expert now!

If you are not comfortable with cutting your own columns to height Worthington Millwork can always cut the columns for you.

Things You'll Need
Circular saw with an abrasive fine-tooth blade
Low-tack masking tape
Marking pen or pencil
Protective eye gear

Instructions: Preparing to Cut the Fiberglass Column

Note: Cut from the bottom of the column when using tapered columns.

Place the column on its side and brace it for stability. Measure to the desired length and mark the column at the cut line.

Apply a layer of low-tack masking tape around the column at cutting length in order to protect the cut edge from being chipped by the saw blade. Take a moment to put on protective eye gear.

Fire up your circular saw with an abrasive and fine-toothed blade and make the cut through the masking tape, rotating the column as needed too complete the cut. If the column is tapered, make sure to cut only from the bottom in order to keep the aesthetic and proportion of the column.

Remove the cut portion and the masking tape from the cut end and install it.