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How to Choose the Best Gable Decorations for Your Home

Choosing the right gable decorations for your home can be a challenge. There is a wide range of designs, colors, and shapes available in the market today. At Worthington, we like to offer customers the freedom to choose and customize their decorations as they wish. If you want a good-quality gable decoration, here are some tips on how to find them:

1. The Material

The first factor to consider is the material. Most gables today are made from wood or polyurethane. Wood is a good choice for older, vintage homes, especially if you want to stick with the original materials. However, if you have a newer home and want something durable, consider PVC. Polyurethane gable decorations are strong, resistant to different weather conditions, and look appealing. We can shape them into any size, dimension, and design so you can have something that fits your property perfectly.

2. Maintenance Requirements

Materials like wood or metal have high maintenance requirements. You will need to clean and repaint them often to maintain their structural integrity. However, under the right care, materials like wood can last for over a decade. Polyurethane gable decorations are very resilient but don't require much maintenance. They can handle excess moisture and won’t fade under harsh sunlight.

3. Cost

Cost is another factor you may need to take into account as well. If you’re looking for something affordable and reliable at the same time, materials like polyurethane are a good choice. While wood gables aren’t too expensive, they may need to be replaced more often, especially if they’re not made from good-quality wood. If you wish to buy wood gables, ask about the material used. Softwood or composite wood will swell or warp in outdoor conditions. Hardwood is more tolerant and will not warp, making it a good choice for gable decorations. However, this material is more expensive and it is rare to find hardwood gables. Polyurethane is the best option if you want to save money.

4. Designs

Gables are available in a wide range of designs. You can choose a simple look that fits in perfectly with modern homes. You can also choose something elaborate like scroll-like designs or geometric patterns. Some vendors also offer custom designs and sizes, which gives you room to experiment. Pick a design that goes seamlessly with the outer décor of your home for the best results. If you have questions or need some recommendations, you can speak with our experts before making a purchase.

5. Location of Manufacturing

Consider buying American-made products because American manufacturers adhere to higher quality standards. They will also source the raw materials from a reliable producer so you can keep track of the quality. American manufacturers can also customize your gabble decorations and deliver them to you quickly. At Worthington, we use the latest technologies and techniques to create good-quality gable decorations that can stand the test of time. These products are easy to install and easy to maintain. They also come with great warranties and precise installation instructions.