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How Much Does it Cost to Replace Polyurethane Porch Railings?

The cost to replace your porch railing system with a polyurethane railing system depends on numerous factors. Not only do you need to consider the price of the product itself but how much it costs to hire a contractor and the time and labor involved. These factors can add on more expenses. So, let's answer a few of these questions for you.

Who is Recommended to Install Balustrade?

We recommend an installer that is a skilled carpenter that is licensed, bonded, and insured. Here are a few reasons why this is important:

Once licensed, the contractor is bound to comply with state building procedures and standards. If a property owner hires a contractor that is not licensed, they may not be protected by state policies.
There is often very little that can be done if an unlicensed contractor disappears from a partially completed job or does a job incorrectly.
A bond is essentially a pre-paid savings account with a bank or insurance company that sets money aside in the event a project is not completed according to the contract between the property owner and the contractor.
Damage to personas or property due to contractor negligence may be covered by an insurance policy. In some cases, the property owner could be held liable for personal injury if the contractor does not have insurance.
How Long Does it Take to Install a Polyurethane System?

Typically it will take two carpenters 1 full day to install 25’ – 30’ of porch railing.

How Much Does it Cost to Install?

A typical installation runs around $50 - $60 PLF (per linear foot) to install. So for a 10’ section this would equal to $500 - $600 for the labor plus materials to install.

What is The Price For The Balustrade Porch Railing?

Typically in the smaller rail widths the cost is around $70 PLF (per linear foot) and can go up to $200 PLF (per linear foot) for the 12” System. The pricing gets higher than this when purchasing custom stair and curved sections.

What Adhesives Are Used in The Installation?

The best adhesive to use is PL-Premium made by Loctite. The reasoning is that it is safe to use with the polyurethane material as it doesn’t contain acetone.

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