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How Architectural Details Can Help Your Curb Appeal

When you think curb appeal the last thing most people think of is architectural products. Not only can products such as window heads, entrance systems, and pergolas add value to your home they can add far more value than just adding a few bushes to your lawn. Although you can maximize your home value and curb appeal by doing both.

Adding an entrance system and a window head to the front of both of these houses makes it look much better! It shows that small details can go a very long way. This also is a very cost effective way to help your curb appeal!

You can make a big difference by just adding a few simple details to your home! Before concentrating on landscaping, you should first focus on the exterior of your home. This is helpful because after completing the exterior you can then landscape while making sure than you still have a good visual of all the beautiful architectural details you have just completed on the front of the home.

Architectural details are a home’s accents. They draw everyone’s eyes into your home and done the right way you can bring their eyes to whichever part of the house you choose depending on the detail you add.

When adding these details you also have to be conscious of the style of your home, and whether you want to go heavy or light with the details. The home on the right went very heavy with the details however it fits the style of the home very well! Done right; you can never have too many architectural details.

Many people have trouble deciding on how to add curb appeal but it is actually very simple to fix and there are tons of resources on the internet that can help you. houzz is a great source for many ideas. You can also browse all the great products that can be used on the exterior of your home at