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Great Ways To Improve Your Floor Plan Design With Architectural Millwork

It's no secret that the floor plan of a home can make it or break it for many people. They have something in mind when it comes to the layout of their home and this is either what they envision when creating the blueprint or what they look for when viewing homes that are already built. One thing that may not be thought of as commonly, is just how important it is for the architectural millwork to be customized along with the floor plan. Good architectural millwork can make all of the different in the world when it comes to improving a floor plan and really catching the eye of a potential buyer. Here are some great ways to improve your floor plan design with architectural millwork.

Replace Walls With Pillars

When it comes to a highly desired floor plan, most buyers are looking for something that is open and flows well from room to room. This is often a problem when it comes to some of the older homes, because they were more closed off, especially the living room and kitchen areas. A great way to get rid of this issue on an older home is to replace the walls that block off these two rooms with pillars or columns instead. The pillars are excellent for providing the support that the structure of the home needs, while still opening up the areas. The pillars themselves are unique and beautiful pieces that can be customized to your liking. You can even add capitals to the top of them, or detailed bases to the bottom, to make them even more customized and elegant. The great thing about incorporating these pieces is the fact that you can order the pieces already made and simply install them, thus saving you time, without reducing quality.

Incorporate Ceilings Beams 

Another excellent way to improve the floor plan design with architectural millwork is to add beams to the ceiling. This can help to make vaulted ceilings look even higher and it helps add more character and customization to any type of ceiling. Wooden beams often add a rustic look that is timeless and desired by many potential buyers. Depending on the type of wood, and the stain of the wood, you can find beams that come in just about any neutral color, ranging from a deep chocolate to a light gray.  The wooden beams however can also be painted white, to make them look a bit more modern. The beams themselves can be ordered to fit whatever dimensions you need. This customization makes them perfect for any ceiling and any floor plan.

Add A Baluster To The Staircase 

To take a staircase from simple to incredible, you can add a baluster to it. The baluster makes the staircase look grand and adds a detailed and finished look that many potential buyers will love. There are so many different balusters to choose from, making it possible to find one that fits the design and theme of the home's current architectural millwork and other finish work. The baluster itself can be made from fiberglass, polyurethane, or stone. They also come in a variety of colors and are made to withstand a great deal of "wear and tear". This makes it possible to find a gorgeous baluster for any location and any budget.

By replacing old walls with pillars to create a more open floor plan, incorporating ceiling beams to create a more customized and rustic look, and adding a gorgeous, detailed baluster to the staircase, you can really use architectural millwork to take a home's floor plan from ordinary to extraordinary.

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